Where to buy organic ghee is the one of the most vital points of buying ghee for your kitchen.

Ghee is a unique dairy product and only good quality ghee will offer you best ghee benefits. Want to enjoy best ghee advantages?  You have to buy ghee from a reliable outlet.

Now you may ask about the definition of a reliable outlet. You can purchase ghee from online stores as well as from regular retail counters. In both the cases you have to check the user’s review of the store from where you are buying your groceries. Users’ experience will help you to decide the authenticity of a counter to a large extent.

If you are buying ghee from a retail counter you can check these points:

  • An organic ghee has to be a certified product: Check for the organic certification.
  • Check for the expiry date: you will get to know from the product label. Organic ghee will last at least for 12 months in your kitchen with refrigeration support.
  • Check the ghee texture from the tester. Organic cow ghee is usually either of creamy consistency or of slightly granular texture.
  • Check the smell of the ghee: Organic cow ghee will offer you a unique nutty flavor.

If you are buying ghee online check these few points:

  • Check the organic certification authority name on the product label. Unless the authenticity of organic certification is mentioned on the label, don’t go for buying the product.
  • Check the storage instruction: an organic ghee is a storage friendly product. It does not need refrigeration support.
  • An organic ghee will be 100% pure without the mix of additive, color, flavor, and preservative.
  • Organic ghee is ideally manufactured from 100% grass fed cow milk only. These cows are well maintained and found happily grazing on the green pasture under pristine climate, and these organic conditions ensure the highest milk quality. Check for the phrase “grass fed”.

How to store ghee in your kitchen:

Buying quality ghee is extremely important, otherwise, the benefits you are expecting might get highly compromised. You need to purchase and preserve the product according to the manufacturer’s guide, etc.

To be precise, how to store ghee in kitchen is as important as the clue where to buy organic ghee. The basic rules of storing ghee are:

  • Ghee has to be stored in an airtight container.
  • The container has to be stored away from unwanted light, water, and humidity exposure,
  • Only dry spoon should be inserted to bring ghee out.

How to use ghee in cooking

Organic ghee contains almost 64% saturated fats. You can use it as cooking oil. Modern health conscious home makers prefer using this milky fat for high temperature cooking like deep fry, baking, sautéing, or different types of slow cooking methods.

Pure cow ghee offers high smoke point and that is why it acts stable against high temperature. Ideally, it is a safe cooking oil in comparison to common cooking oils with lower smoking point, etc.

Besides use in cooking, ghee can be used raw. You can use it as spread on toast as well as in tea or coffee for adding extra dose of energy.

How to use ghee for skin and hair care

Apart from using in cooking, ghee can be used for beauty therapy. Ghee massage in scalp and skin works like miracle for boosting hair and skin health. Massage with ghee not only prevents formation of fine lines and wrinkles due to aging, ghee massage therapy helps in maintaining flexibility of muscle and implementing optimum skin hydration.

Where to buy organic ghee is an important question for introducing pure cow ghee in your lifestyle. Both online and regular retail outlets can be availed for purchasing quality assured organic ghee.

Looking for quality assured organic cow ghee for your kitchen?

Try Milkio grass fed organic ghee, and you will get to use 100% grass fed organic certified cow ghee. Milkio ghee is available in online and regular retail counters.


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