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Grass fed Ghee

New Zealand is globally known for its clean and green environment, which is the ideal milieu for pasture-based happy dairying…..

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Our Story

New Zealand is world famous for its farming as well as for top quality dairy products. Not only the taste, also the purity of the products.
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Modern science now recognizes what holistic health science has acclaimed hundred of years ago. Cow ghee has lots of health benefits.

Commitment To Environment

At Milkio, we are concerned about the finest quality of our produce, New Zealand ghee, but we understand and appreciate that environment plays a vital role in our quality assurance.

Commitment to environment
commitment to quality

Commitment To Quality

Milkio Foods is committed to offering a grand combo of purity and reliability to all its consumers via its products and for that simple reason, New Zealand Ghee procured by us matches the global standard.


Commitment To Customers

At Milkio, we are committed to our consumers for offering them the best products! Besides offering them pure ghee, we also offer them safety, satisfaction, and statutory health benefits.

Commitment To Customers

Why Milkio?

Milkio’s grass-fed ghee is made from milk fats produced from the milk of cows grazing in natural pastures of lush green grass, in pristine environments of New Zealand. This grass is nurtured on fertile soil, and moderate temperature under plenty of sunshine, where freely roaming happy cows graze nearly all year round.

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