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Then try out so buttery and delightful!

Spicy cauliflower Curry with Milkio Ghee: easy to make, tasty to eat

Spicy Cauliflower Curry with Milkio Pure ghee Cauliflower curry is a yummy veg recipe and can be...

Baba Ghannouj Ghee: Tasty, nutritious, & easy to serve ghee recipe

Baba Ghannouj (Eggplant Dip) with Milkio 100% Pure Ghee Baba Ghannouj is a tasty and healthy...

Keto burgers cooked with Milkio ghee serve taste and health

Keto Burgers Here are way you can incorporate ghee into your keto lifestyle: Keto Burgers • 1kg...

Ghee rice with Milkio grass-fed ghee: wholesome and delicious ghee recipe

Enjoy Ghee rice with Milkio Grass fed ghee The most delightful and...

Ghee chocolate recipes: a mouth-watering approach to satiate your sweet buds

Ghee chocolate combo! A food pair perhaps made in chef’s heaven! Ghee and chocolate are the two...

Vegetarian dishes cooked with Milkio grass-fed ghee: healthy and yummy

Vegetarian dishes are best cooked with grass-fed ghee like Milkio Grass fed ghee ghee. The high smoke point of ghee and the intense nutty aroma of ghee add excellent aroma and creamy texture to the cooked dish.

Ghee is a cooking oil that goes well for all types of cooking, and it is all-purpose cooking for all kinds of cuisine.

Whether you are using a slow cooking method or applying the star frying method, ghee fit in perfectly. You can use ghee for making sweet desserts also.

Ghee clarified butter is a top-rated taste enhancer. Just add a dollop of ghee to the cooked vegetarian dish, and you will get to enjoy its nutty aroma with the fragrance of spices, etc.

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Enjoy Falafel with your friends

Enjoy Falafel with your friends

Falafel Falafel is deep fried veggie balls and it is prepared by using veggies like chickpeas and fava beans. It is an easy to prepare traditional Egyptian as well as Middle Eastern food. Usually it is served in Pita, which works as a pocket type wrapper for the...

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