Who We Are

Who we are

Based in the heart of New Zealand, we’re a small local company with a hardworking team that is all just simply passionate about bringing you good quality dairy products. Founded in 2016, Milkio is a new but rapidly expanding business unit.

Our presence is strong in New Zealand, Australia, Taiwan, the USA, Dubai/UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Thailand. We are expanding our market into South East Asia, Middle East countries, India, the UK, Japan, etc. We are one of the youngest dairy exporters in New Zealand, exporting varieties of ghee and other milk-based products worldwide.

Our Vision and Values

Our vision is simple- we try to keep our customers happy because happy customers make us confident that we’re doing our job right. At Milkio, we don’t aim to simply produce satisfactory quality ghee: our mission is to procure the best premium quality grass-fed dairy ghee products on the market.

Milkio takes prides itself in being a socially responsible organization with a strong commitment to quality.

We believe in professional growth through collaborative teamwork and maintenance of integrity without compromising our produced products’ safety or quality. We stand by values like excellence, honesty, hard work, transparency, trust, courage, and motivation.

Our Vision And Values

Choosing Milkio

Our product quality is incomparable because we invest utmost care every step until our products reach your pantry.

For our ghee, we use assured quality cow’s milk fat/ sheep’s milk fat to prepare a premium aromatic ghee we know you will love to buy. We ensure rigorous testing and quality checks to guarantee 100% customer satisfaction.

We take special care of our products’ packaging to preserve freshness. All these exclusive care and production delicacies make Milkio an exquisite kind in its category.

Milkio Currently

As mentioned before, we are spreading our export market, and at the same time, we are continually extending our product portfolio with a new range of dairy products as well.

Currently, we have Five products on our item list

Organic Ghee and Sheep ghee are our most in-demand dairy products.

Milkio Currently

Our Commitment to quality

Milkio aims to deliver delicious Ghee products with the highest quality standard!

We operate under stringent Food safety and quality management system based on the approved and monitored HACCP-based Risk Management Program (RMP) by the New Zealand Ministry of Primary Industries (MPI) & Globally trusted SQF (Safe Quality Food) food safety codes for manufacturing to assure the highest quality and safety of products.

Our facility is also USFDA, HALAL, and KOSHER certified. Our ghee products meet Codex STANDARD FOR MILK-FAT PRODUCTS CXS 280-1973 for Ghee to meet customers’ quality expectations and standards.

All final products are routinely tested and enabled with a traceback facility.

Our Commitment To Quality

product profile

Our complete product profile includes the following:

Milkio Ghee
Grass Fed Conventional Ghee – PET  jar 250 mL, 500mL, 1L PET Jars
Grass Fed USDA Organic Ghee – PET Jar 250 mL, 500mL, 1L PET Jars
Grass Fed Sheep Ghee – PET jars250 mL, 500mL, 1L PET Jars
Grass Fed Conventional Ghee – Glass jar250 mL, 500mL, 1L Glass Jars
Grass Fed USDA Organic Ghee –Glass Jar250 mL, 500mL, 1L Glass Jars
Grass Fed Sheep Ghee – GLASS jars250 mL, 500mL, 1L GLASS Jars
Grass Fed  Conventional  Ghee – PET Jar & Tins 400 mL, 800 mL, 1.6 L PET Jars, Tins
Grass-Fed Conventional Ghee – Tins18 Kg Tins
Grass Fed Conventional Ghee – Tubs10L Tubs
Grass Fed Sheep Ghee – Tins18 Kg Tins
Our Product Range