Organic Clarified Butter: The role of this healthy natural dairy product in Daily life and treatment of Ayurveda



Organic Ghee or Organic Clarified Butter is a product derived from Organic Milk. Organic milk comes from Organic dairying. The organic dairying allows dairy cows to raise organically (without use of GMOs, antibiotics, rBST, synthetic inputs etc.) on organic feed (green nutritious pastures, cultivated without pesticides, chemical based fertilizer) and gives year-round access to green pasture. Thus, milk derived from organic dairying is more natural, free from antibiotics, GMO’s or synthetic chemicals and nutritionally richer than conventional milk. Hence ghee produced from it offers elevated nutritional benefits than regular/ conventional ghee. Organic clarified butter ghee or organic grass-fed ghee is considered more natural and beneficial than regular ghee and got acceptance as a premium product worldwide. 

It is a healthy substitute of regular butter or conventional ghee due to higher concentration of healthy fat, fat soluble vitamins and beta carotene. It has natural golden yellow color due to the occurrence of beta carotene in higher concentration (Beta carotene an antioxidant and precursor for vit A, can come to milk only from green pasture). The nutritional benefits and therapeutic properties of it’s healthy fats and fat-soluble vitamins are further increasing its use among health concern consumers as well as in Ayurvedic treatments.



What is the specialty of Organic Clarified Butter?

Organic Ghee Clarified Butter has a consistent customer base for its several nutritional and therapeutic benefits. They are,

  • It is natural and free from GMO’s, antibiotics residues, synthetic chemicals or hormones
  • It contains all the benefits of grass feeding, i.e., high amount of beneficial fatty acid, CLA, Omega- 3, Butyrate, Fat soluble vitamins and beta-carotene 
  • Rich in antioxidants


Clarified butter ghee organic pasture raised vs grass fed:

So what is the difference between grass fed and organic pasture raised?

  • Grass fed milk is produced from cows only fed fresh green grass and forage. They are not given grains or corn silage. Organic milk is produced from cows only fed organically grown grass, forage, hay or feed. Organic milk can also be called grass fed if it adheres to the standards of both practices
  • Organic cow ghee is sourced from Organic butter or cream of milk from organically raised cows
  • Grass fed cow ghee sourced from grass fed butter or cream of milk from grass-fed cows.


Organic ghee concentrated butter vs clarified ghee:
  • Concentrated butter is prepared mainly for Food industry’s use as a raw material. It is commonly known as Anhydrous milk fat or Butter oil. It is generally prepared by melting butter and removing moisture from it.  It has low spreadability and the melting point varies  from 50 to 104 F. It lacks flavor and aroma like ghee or clarified butter.
  • Organic Ghee or Clarified Butter is obtained by heating organic cow milk unsalted butter / cream/ cultured butter (fermented by lactic acid bacteria) in a slow cooking process to evaporate nearly all the moisture and milk solids not fat. The heating process gives the product slightly granular, buttery texture, complex rich slightly caramelized aroma, golden yellow color. It has high smoke point (482 F). Salted butter is never used to make ghee.


Organic Clarified Butter Nutrition Facts:
  • Rich in CLA (conjugated linoleic acid) which imparts health benefits like improved lipid metabolism, immunity enhancement and improved bone mineralization
  • Rich in Omega-3 Fatty Acids (Essential Fatty Acids) which is beneficial to heart, brain, eye, other tissue functions and for anti-inflammatory properties
  • Rich in butyric acid which helps in digestion
  • Rich in beta-carotene which is an antioxidant and the precursor for vitamin A in human body. Vitamin A is essential for retina function
  • Rich in saturated fat which provide sustaining energy
  • Rich in Fat soluble Vitamins A, D, E, K which are essential for immunity, skin and eyes and calcium metabolism in human body


Organic Clarified Butter in Daily Use:
  • Organic Ghee clarified Butter for Bullet Coffee: Enrich your morning coffee with a table spoon of Organic Ghee for more energy
  • Organic Ghee clarified Butter as spreads: Use as a spread on your crunchy breakfast toast replacing regular butter or regular clarified butter or organic butter
  • Organic Ghee clarified Butter as cooking medium: It has high smoke point, therefore an excellent aromatic replacement of cooking oil for cooking, baking, sauteing, frying or making roasted veggies . It can be used for seasoning. It can enhance the taste and aroma of any recipe from any cuisine
  • Organic Ghee clarified Butter for direct consumption: It can be consumed directly during lunch or dinner for health. It can be added to smoothies for extra energy


Organic grass fed clarified butter dairy allergy: 

Individuals with dairy intolerance to casein and lactose (allergic to casein and / or lactose) can cot consume dairy products. But Ghee contains neither lactose nor casein, hence, absolutely fit for such consumers. It is also fit for Ketogenic diet (keto diet or no carbs diet) and Paleo diet.


Therapeutic Properties and use of Organic Ghee Clarified butter in Ayurvedic treatments/ medicines:

Organic ghee is widely used in Ayurveda for its numerous health benefits and medicinal properties. They are:


  • Organic Ghee Clarified Butter is used as immunity booster:

For centuries, Ayurveda encourages the use of pure traditional ghee (from grass fed cow’s milk) in everyday life and herbal medicines. Organic Grass fed Ghee is pure and natural as it is originated from a grass based dairying system free of synthetic chemicals and GMO’s.

According to Ayurveda, inclusion of Organic Cow Ghee Clarified Butter cow ghee in everyday diet helps in natural improvement of memory power, immunity, perk up energy level, provide rejuvenating effect to body, improve skin and hair etc. It is enriched in CLA and fat-soluble vitamins like A, E which are immunity boosters and essential for skin and eyes, Vitamin D and K, play important role in calcium metabolism. As a result, Ayurvedic Practitioners use Organic Ghee for making immunity boosting medicines, skin and hair care ointments/ oils. 

  • Organic Ghee Clarified Butter is used for detoxification and release constipation:

Organic ghee is a natural laxative and it is a natural detoxifier. It contains healthy fats which are gut friendly and keeps colon health always at par. Organic Cow Ghee easily gets digested and absorbed in body tissues. That’s why in Ayurvedic treatment, organic ghee is used for detoxification of body (Panchakarma). It saturates body tissues and force out fat soluble internal toxins into intestine for removal from the body.  It is also used as natural medicine for constipation as it helps in lubrication to the body and clears the intestine passage reducing  the risk of constipation.

  • Organic Ghee Clarified Butter is used in many ayurvedic medicinal formula:

Organic Ghee clarified butter is used in different ayurvedic medicines as a major ingredient. For example, in digestive tonics, often ayurvedic physicians used ghee because ghee is already identified for its digestive support quality. Furthermore, the innate medicinal quality of organic cow ghee is stable: when it is mixed with an herb, it can wonderfully absorb the medicinal quality of the herb without altering or deteriorating its own medicinal qualities. It acts as a carrier and improves absorption and assimilation of ayurvedic medicines in human body.

  • Ayurveda uses Organic Ghee Clarified Butter for rejuvenation and aphrodisiac therapy:

Ayurvedic medicine is globally acclaimed for its treatment of natural rejuvenation. The combo of ghee and cow milk is one of the best ayurvedic medicines that helps in retaining physical vigor, improves virility in men, and increases fertility in women. Ghee is identified as a nourishing medicine and for that reason it is prescribed for pregnant women in their diet to avoid the risk of malnutrition of the fetus.

Pure cow ghee is known for its medicinal benefits in increasing libido in both men and women. This is one of the reasons herbal aphrodisiac ayurvedic medicines are made in ghee medium. It helps in gaining the result in faster turnaround.

  • Organic ghee Clarified Butter is used in wound healing:

Organic clarified butter or Organic ghee is known for its regenerative power and used in Ayurvedic treatment as a wound healer or for treatment of burn injury since Vedic age. In Ayurvedic cult, the utility of “shatadhouta” or “sahasradhouta” ghee is almost similar to modern Organic Clarified Butter or Organic Ghee which is absolutely pure and free from all types of adulteration.

  • Ayurvedic eye treatment with Organic cow ghee:

In Ayurvedic treatment pure ghee is prescribed for regular eye care. At night, massaging eyes with ghee give relief from dry eye condition and dark circles. It also helps in strengthening optical muscle.

Where to buy Organic Clarified Butter or Organic Ghee and what to check?
  • Organic Clarified Butter or Organic Grass fed Ghee or Organic Ghee Clarified Butter Grass fed or Organic Ghee or Clarified Butter Organic or Clarified Butter Ghee Organic all are same product with different style of name. Ghee is the Indian name of Clarified Butter
  • Customers can buy certified organic ghee / organic clarified butter consumer pack or organic clarified butter bulk pack  online or offline from organic clarified butter supplier
  • Check whether the product is Organic Certified. Always ensure your clarified butter organic or not
  • Also check if it is a pure ghee or blend with coconut oil, vegetable oil or olive oil

Add Milkio’s organic clarified butter in your diet and lifestyle and enjoy the bliss of Ayurveda at its best dose!


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