Organic butter NZ is a world famous dairy product, and it is the raw material for making the best quality grass fed organic cow ghee.

Dairy industry in New Zealand enjoys the highest level of self-sufficiency because of some specific reasons.  New Zealand is the world’s 8th largest dairy producer.

The climate of the country, clean green ambiance for favorable dairy production, and comparatively less population are the main reasons behind the excellence of dairy industry here.  The production of Organic butter in New Zealand hence meets the highest quality standard.

What the use of organic butter in Organic ghee NZ production?

Organic butter is the raw material for making organic cow ghee. In New Zealand organic butter is produced by using 100% organic grass fed cow milk.  These cows graze all years long on the natural green pasture of New Zealand and this milk quality meets the highest standard in terms of milk nutrients. This pure and organic certified butter is used for making organic ghee in this dairy specialist country that offers best ghee benefits.


What makes organic butter unique?

If we evaluate the difference between the organic and inorganic butter of New Zealand, the major difference gets created by the cow diet. While the organic dairy cows are never exposed to pesticides, herbicides, and other toxins and that are officially certified. This clearly means that the contaminants of cow food chains are not available in organic quality butter. 

The reason people prefer to eat organic foods, the same reason prevails for the use of organic butter for ghee making process.

In other word, organic ghee making cannot be done unless organic quality butter is used.

Organic vs. Grass fed butter

The variance between the organic and grass fed butter quality is rather simple. What makes organic butter unique is the maintenance and feeding of the grass fed cows: while organic cow harms keeps the cows on organic diet, grass fed cows keep on gazing only on green grassy pasture and are allowed green grass and only the dried forage in their diet.

However, in New Zealand, most of the dairy cows are on occasion pasture fed but almost thy re given supplemented food for overall health and nutrition. The premium benefit to grass fed cow milk is the availability of the micro nutrients.

Because the cows are being fed grass instead of corn or soy based feed the dairy they produce has a better nutrient profile including higher levels of the “good stuff” in butter.

It’s important to note the difference between the two. However organic grass fed quality of butter hold best nutrients and almost zero quantity of contaminants in the milk. Naturally butter quality of ghee is produced from this organic grass fed butter.

Why organic ghee is better for your body?

Organic grass fed Ghee is a healthy fat produced from organic, grass-fed butter and it is used in cooking as well as in making healthy home remedy and ayurvedic medicines.  Ghee also tastes simply delicious!

It contains lots of nutrients like health friendly fatty acids, antioxidants and vitamins, etc.

From ayurvedic standpoint, organic cow ghee is a reliable source of vitamins A, E, K & D. Simultaneously, This organic dairy item is able to promote healthy digestion, it reduces unusual inflammation, and it is extremely nutritious and curative for all body tissues. Unlike many other cooking oils, when heated, ghee can maintain its natural alkalinity. Organic ghee promotes the natural ability of body to cleanse and alleviate dryness that causes aging and degeneration. 

Organic butter NZ: A privilege

Making best quality organic ghee is possible when organic grass fed butter is used. Organic butter NZ is one of the best dairy butters in accordance to its nutritional values, texture, and purity. This is the reason, organic grass fed quality cow ghee of New Zealand has earned global reputation.

Want to add organic grass fed ghee benefits in your diet? 

Use Milkio traditional grass fed ghee and excellent health advantages for your family.

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