Milkio Ghee At a Glance:

  • Prepared from Cow’s Milk Fat/Sheep’s Milk Fat
  • Not less than 99.6 % fat and not more than 0.4% moisture
  • Allergen: Contains Milk
  • Offers creamy taste, uniform colour and a buttery, slightly caramelized, pleasantly rich aroma
  • HALAL & KOSHER certified
  • 18 Months shelf life
  • Free of lactose, casein, and gluten
  • Suitable for Keto, Paleo, and Vegetarian diet
  • Milkio Organic Ghee is USDA ORGANIC (certified by Biogro NZ Ltd)
  • Milkio Grass-Fed Ghee and Organic Ghee is NON-GMO VERIFIED
  • It can be used for high-heat cooking processes, baking, or for direct consumption (as a spread/ added to coffee/beverages)
Grass-Fed Ghee
Grass-fed Ghee
Sheep Ghee
sheep ghee
Organic Ghee
Organic ghee

When creating the delicate taste of Milkio’s Pure Ghee, we most eloquently and authentically integrate traditional methods with state-of-the-art technology.

Our Products

Organic Ghee
Pack Format: Glass Jars
250 mL | 500 mL | 1L
Tins - Consumer Pack _ Food Service
Conventional Ghee
Pack Format: Tins
400 mL | 800 mL | 1.6L and 20L
Straight Pet Jars
Conventional Ghee
Pack Format: Straight Pet Jars
450 mL | 850 mL | 1.6L
Round Pet Jars
Conventional Ghee
Pack Format: Round Pet Jars
400 mL | 800 mL | 1.6L
Milkio tubs range
Pack Format: Tubs
750 mL | 1L, 2L, 4L | 10L