Milkio grass fed ghee is made with quality in mind: it is crafted under strict processing standards to ensure rich, buttery flavour, strong caramel aroma, and larger crystals.

Milkio Grass-Fed Ghee

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Traditional Cow Ghee 1L & 2L

Because it is made from free-roaming, grass-fed cow’s here in New Zealand, Milkio’s Pure Grass Fed Ghee is naturally higher in Omega-3 and Omega-9 essential fatty acids, beta carotene, CLA, antioxidants, and vitamins E, D, A, and K. It is free of trans-fatty acids, hydrogenated fats, oxidized cholesterol, and has no artificial colours, flavours, or preservatives.

Milkio ghee is unsalted and completely lactose free, making it suitable for those who are lactose intolerant.

To put it simply, Milkio’s Pure Grass Fed Ghee has all of the nutrients you want, and none of the stuff you don’t. Fresh, all-natural cow milk is its only ingredient.

It takes approximately 20 kg of whole milk to make almost 1kg of butter; the butter is then reduced and concentrated to remove all milk solids while enhancing its naturally sweet, creamy taste, golden colour, and soft, luxurious texture.

This process is what makes Milkio grass-fed ghee so flavourful.

How Is Milkio’s Pure Grass-Fed Ghee?

Milkio’s Pure Grass-fed ghee is perfect for grilling, baking, roasting, or frying, and instantly adds richness to meat, seafood, vegetables, sauces, marinades, soups, and even desserts.

Its clean, buttery, slightly caramelised flavour makes it suitable for direct consumption.

Because it is nutrient-dense without any carbohydrates or sugars, it is ideal for those following paleo, ketogenic, LCHF, and other low-carb, whole food diets.

As soon as Milkio’s Pure Grass Fed Ghee is produced, it is sealed in high-quality packaging that has been specially designed to lock in freshness, aroma, and flavour. Thus, it can be stored without refrigeration for several months.

Our Pure Grass-Fed Ghee: a close view

1. HACCP & RMP approved under MPI NZ
2. Has been granted Halal Certification by FIANZ
3. Excellent shelf life—keeps fresher, longer
4. Is stored in quality packaging specially designed to maximise freshness, flavour, and colour.

When it comes to create the delicate taste of Milkio’s Pure Grass Fed Ghee, we most eloquently and authentically integrate traditional methods with state-of-the-art technology.

Why New Zealand Grass fed Ghee

New Zealand is the ideal environment for pasture-based dairying. The climate ranges from temperate to sub-tropical, moderated by the surrounding oceans. New Zealand maintains stringent regulations for quality control for export.

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Benefits of Milkio’s Pure Grass Fed Ghee from New Zealand

Modern science now recognizes what holistic health science has acclaimed thousands of years ago: Clarified Butter or Butter Ghee has lots of health and culinary benefits, which are good for total well being of the consumers.

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Ghee: an ancient culinary legacy

In ancient ages, it was believed that ghee was a special type of Indian cooking oil, mostly procured from pure cow milk by churning the butter originated from this pure cow milk.

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How ghee butter is better for natural weight loss?

Ghee butter is also called clarified butter or anhydrous fat.  Ghee butter is free of lactose and casein and hence free from the risk of lactose intolerance.

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Ghee: an Ayurvedic medicine

Ghee is extensively used in medicinal preparations because of its unique ability to assimilate the properties of herbs it is melded with, without giving down its therapeutic qualities.

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How Ghee is prepared: ancient India vs. today’s process

According to ancient India’s ghee making process, waxing fortnights of the moon was considered the most auspicious and suitable time to make Ghee. Moon was considered here as a Mother; ghee makers used to assume that best qualities of milk and butter are procured this time in its raw version.

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What makes ghee healthy

Since ages, Ghee is used in Ayurvedic practices for several reasons: however, detox of body is one of these reasonsGhee is a rich food: it contains Vitamins A, D, K and E as well as Conjugated Linoleic Acid, which is an antioxidant with countable anti-viral properties.

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Is organic ghee healthy?

Organic ghee is procured from 100% organic grass fed cow milk-butter. The optimum purity makes the organic ghee the purest form of this dairy staple. 100% pure Organic ghee often gets certified by an authority certifier.

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