Pure ghee is a premium quality dairy staple.

Modern dieticians are recommending the use of ghee diet for people of all ages. But best ghee benefits are available under three primary conditions. These are strict moderation, active lifestyle support, and the use of pure and organic cow ghee. 

 It is easy to understand that pure cow ghee in diet is a prerequisite to have all amazing ghee benefits. But the main quandary is determining the purity of ghee. Do you know that you can check the purity of the clarified butter you have purchased? Yes, it’s true and you can do it easily.

Pure ghee: Simple tests to check purity

If you want to check the quality of the pure cow ghee in your kitchen, you can try these easy tests for quality validation.

  1. Take a teaspoon of melted ghee from your kitchen in a see-through bottle. Now add a dash of sugar in it, close the bottle, and shake it robustly. Let the mix stand for 5-8 minutes. If you get to see a red color at the bottom of the vessel, then the sample may contain impurity of vegetable oil.
  2. Melt one tablespoon quantity cow ghee. Pour it into a glass jar and place the glass container in the fridge till it gets condensed. If you see two layers in the frozen portion, you can be sure that the ghee contains mix of other oils.
  3. Take some melted cow ghee and add 4-5 drops of iodine in it. If you find the appearance of purple color in the mix you can be sure the ghee has the presence of starch in it. The ghee is impure.
  4. Place a spoonful ghee on your palm, if the dairy delicacy starts melting itself, it is pure. Usually, pure cow ghee melts against our normal body temperature.
  5. Put a spoonful cow ghee and heat it. If it gets melted quickly, it is pure in its quality. Pure melted and hot ghee will turn brown. However, if the ghee takes time to get melted, and shows light yellow in color instead of becoming brown, it is surely purity compromised.

How to check a quality ghee online

Before placing online order for buying quality cow ghee, check a few points. These are:

  • If the cow ghee is procured from organic certified 100% grass fed cow milk
  • If it is preservative and additive and synthetic color free.
  • If the cow ghee is shelf stable: pure ghee can be stored in kitchen up to 12-18 months from the date of manufacturing.
  • If the ghee is storage friendly without the support of refrigeration.

These are some of the points you should check for buying pure ghee.  Unless you buy and use pure quality ghee, you may not get all ghee benefits.

Therefore quality assurance for this dairy product is quite essential.

Want to use a quality assured organic grass fed cow milk made pure ghee? Try Milkio traditional organic ghee. It is not only a quality assured product, this premium quality ghee is a certified organic from New Zealand.

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