Sweet Dish

Instant Jalebi or Rouded sweet with Milkio Ghee

Ghee dessert: Instant Jalebi with Milkio Ghee Yields | 6 Prep Time | 30 minutesCook Time | 50 minutes Jalebi is a easy to prepare sweet that you can easily try at home. It takes only 30 minutes to prepare and 40-50 minutes to cook.  It is a deep frying recipe, so ghee is the …


Grass-fed Ghee recipe: Diwali Special Bottle Gourd Laddu

Delicious BOTTLE GOURD LADDU Grass fed ghee recipe: Bottle Gourd Laddu  cooked with Milkio ghee Grass fed ghee is the best quality diry ghee available in the market and you can use pure ghee for making delectable desserts. The nutty aroma, rich creamy texture of ghee, and neutral taste makes the laddu yummy and flavorful. Bottleguard …


Ghee in Ganesh Chaturthi Celebration Milkio Ghee for modak making

Ghee can be used for making two different types of modaks:  enjoy your Ganesh Chaturthi celebration  Sweet Foods  are frequently offered in Ganesh Chaturthi feestivals as it is believed that Lord Ganesha loves sweets. The Hindu festival is celebrated over a period of 10 days to honour Lord Ganesha’s birthday. Everyday Ganesh devotees offer lots …


Ghee Recipe: Gulab Jamun with Milkio Ghee

Ghee made gulab Jamun is a delectable dessert. Milkio organic ghee is apt for cooking all types of sweets and desserts like Gulab Jamun: its high smoking point is the cause to call it a safe cooking oil. Gulab jamun is a milk-solid-based sweet from the Indian subcontinent, and a type of mithai, popular in …


Almond Cherry Cake with almond and cherry: Bake safe with Milkio ghee

Almond cherry Cake recipe with ghee, almond, cherry  Almond Cherry Cake is superbly yummy and it takes few minutes time to bake it by your own. It is light in weight and full of almond flavor: cherries are like a tasty bonus for all foodies! Learn this special cake recipe here and prepare the tasty …


ghee cookies: a relishing sweet dish with Milkio Ghee

Ghee Cookies GheeCookies are indeed delectable snacks. When you prepare cookies, which are baked with Milkio’s clutured grass fed ghee, not only the cookies become palatable, they also turn into irresistible from over eating. One of the most amazing part of preparing these snacks is these cookies are easy to cook and it takes little time …


Banana Bread Chocolate Glaze: yummy dessert recipe with Milkio Ghee

Banana Bread with Chocolate Glaze: Dessert Recipe Banana Bread with Chocolate Glaze offers extremely satisfying depth of spicy-sweet flavors. It takes moderate time to prepare the batter and baking time is only one hour. Banana is a nutritious fruits and powerhouse of wholesome nutrition.  In this recipe you can use the nutrition of banana and …


Baklava, the Arabian Pastry gets tastier with Milkio grass-fed ghee

Baklava: the delicious Arabian Pastry Baklava is a yummy dessert, which offers its users an excellent savory test of syrup and chiseled texture of pure honey. The sweet pastry like dessert is easy to prepare and it takes little time to cook this delicious sweet Arabian dish at your smart kitchen. Originally Baklava is an …


Ghee recipes to celebrate Hariyali Teej

Ghee used for cooking Ghevar: a popular Rajasthani sweet Learn here the detailed recipe of Ghevar. The secrets of how to make the popular traditional Rajasthani sweet with milkio ghee, ghevar on the occasion of Hariyali Teej is shared here. Try the recipe in your home. Ghevar is a popular traditional Rajasthani dessert that is …


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