To make one kilo of Milko Ghee, we use 20 liters of whole milk.

The result is a Ghee that is rich in good fats, packed with vitamins, and has a nutty, buttery taste.

The nutrient-packed Ghee, without any carbohydrates and sugars, provides the perfect accompaniment to Keto, Paleo, and other low-carb diets. Milkio Ghee is known to improve digestion, suppress appetite naturally, and help maintain healthy body weight.


Milkio’s Keto and Paleo Friendly claim

We ensure that our grass-fed ghee is rich with good fats, retains a high MCT count, contains more vitamins and CLA, and it offers a unique nutty buttery flavored taste.

This nutrient-enriched ghee when consumed in moderation works as a great source of energy along with benefits of improved digestion and natural hunger control resulting in weight loss success.

An abundance of vitamins, in the natural form and lack of casein and lactose in our ghee, is also highly beneficial to Paleo diet followers.