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Ghee is fast becoming the superfood for the health conscious worldwide and Milkio Foods with its emphasis on 100% pure products and as the leading exporter from New Zealand, is at the forefront of that revolution. You too can be part of the Milkio Ghee revolution. It’s easy.

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Our product basket:

Milkio Foods offers 8 (Eight) grass-fed ghee products including Conventional, Cultured, Organic, sheep, A2, and flavour-infused ghee.
Grass Fed USDA Organic Ghee
Grass Fed Conventional Ghee
Grass Fed Cultured Organic Ghee
Grass Fed Cultured Ghee
A2 Organic Ghee
Grass Fed Sheep Ghee
Infused Ghee (Himalayan pink salt ghee and Garlic ghee)
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