Organic Ghee benefits: 7 Reasons to Use it Every Day in your life

  • August 12, 2021
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Organic ghee benefits are unique and versatile in its nature.

Organic ghee benefits are holistic and wholesome, but you have to be sure about the organic authenticity of the product on your plate. Besides knowing the organic ghee benefits, this organic dairy’s uniqueness will surely keep you startled.

Organic grass-fed ghee is one of the most wanted natural dairy products, with a global reputation as a new-age pantry superhero. Chefs prefer its versatility: they can use it to cook different cuisines, veg, and non-veg varieties. Another reason chefs prefer organic ghee as a perfect health-friendly cooking oil against high-temperature cooking is because of its high smoke point.

Alternatively, health freaks prefer to use organic ghee in their diet as it is good for healthy living. This is not whimsical applause about this cooking oil because scientists have explored some unique health benefits of adding cow ghee to the diet.

Surprisingly, grass-fed cow ghee has been identified with plenty of health benefits, whether you take the dairy product internally or apply it externally. The best organic ghee benefits are available from grass-fed ghee quality because the quality of the raw material (100% grass-fed cow milk) determines its purity.

 Organic ghee benefits: health-friendly cooking oil for high smoke point.

Organic grass-fed ghee offers a high smoking point. As a result, when organic ghee is exposed to the high temperature of the burner, it never breaks down, and unlike other cooking oils, ghee hardly produces harmful free radicals. This is a natural prevention from cancerous diseases.

One of the organic ghee benefits is its contribution to food safety due to the high smoking point.  Due to its versatile pairing and high smoke points, grass-fed ghee can be used for all types of cooking.

You can use organic ghee for baking, sautéing, or deep-frying, and the result of cooking with pure ghee is always more delicious and healthy than cooking with other popular cooking oils.

Organic ghee benefits: helps in reducing the bout of constipation:

Organic grass-fed ghee contains an ample quantity of butyrate, and that is one of the reasons cow ghee works as a mild laxative. Moderate consumption of cow ghee in the daily diet helps in reducing the problem of constipation. People suffering from stress-related health problems like irritable bowel syndrome can be grossly reduced by adding cow ghee to their diet.

Organicc ghee benefits: Ghee helps retain brainpower:

Organic grass-fed ghee is a brainpower booster, and people of all ages can enjoy this ghee benefit. It applies to toddlers, growing kids, pregnant women, hardworking professionals, and senior members of our family. Regularly including ghee in the diet helps boost concentration, enhances memory power, and reduces the risk of diseases like Alzheimer’s.

Organic ghee is given to pregnant women because it is believed that ghee in the diet helps in the fetus’s brain development. It is one of the unique, organic ghee benefits recommended by Ayurveda.

Ghee in the diet helps in de-stressing. Trying one teaspoon of ghee at night in milk or lukewarm water may help you enjoy a sound sleep.

Organic Ghee Benefits
organic ghee benefits

Organic ghee benefits: care for bone joints and bone health

Ghee helps maintain the healthy condition of bone joints, and it promotes the flexibility of movement. Chronic patients with arthritis or osteoporosis will enjoy enhanced flexibility by adding cow ghee to their diet, and bone care is one of the amazing organic ghee benefits. 

 Organic Ghee benefits include skin care:

Organic grass-fed ghee is extremely skin-friendly. Regular intake of organic cow ghee in moderation helps maintain skin health at its best. The use of ghee massage is a common way to offer your skin the best quality anti-aging as well as a relaxing effect. It is one of the most efficient skincare remedies for tropical countries.

 Organic ghee benefits include fertility and virility boost

Cow ghee is counted as one of the most natural aphrodisiac dairy products that help people enjoy boosted virility in men. At the same time, regular ghee in the diet boosts women’s fertility, so their chance of conceiving a baby improves.

Organic ghee benefits for weight loss

Organic ghee benefits are of versatile type. One of these benefits is offering natural support for weight loss management. Organic ghee benefits pure cow ghee contains Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids and (CLA) Conjugated Linoleic Acid, known for their proven roles in healthy and natural weight loss.

Pure cow ghee contains loads of saturated fats, and as a concurrent result, cow ghee in diet works as a filler food if you can maintain moderation. If you add desi ghee in your morning tea or coffee, it may work as an energy drink, and it can successfully control the hunger pang for a long time, leading to calorie control benefits.

 If good quality Ghee in the diet is coupled with an active lifestyle, regular exercise, and proper rest, an individual with general health will surely get some advantage in body natural weight loss.

According to Ayurveda, organic grass-fed ghee’s health benefits will help you enjoy better health and well-being.

Now you may ask what makes organic ghee a premium dairy staple. Let’s discuss the premium qualities of organic ghee. 

 Organic ghee benefits: What makes a ghee organic?

A ghee manufacturer cannot claim the organic status of his produced ghee no matter how pure it is unless an organic product certifier officially endorses it as a certified organic product. Organic status is a matter of extensive chemical testing and checking of the product’s manufacturing process and quality/traceability of raw ingredients, etc. 

Milk collected from organic dairy farms is organic milk, which is used as the raw ingredient of organic ghee. 

As Milkio Foods is located in New Zealand, the company maintains the organic protocols of this country. These protocols are:

  • Organic farms in NZ maintain their dairy cattle without keeping them in captivity. These cows keep on roaming on open pasture round the year.
  • Organic cows get grass and grass-based foods as food
  • These cows are never treated with antibiotics and hormone-based medicines
  • Organic farms collect organic grass, which is cultivated without the use of pesticides or chemical fertilizers.

The milk collected from an organic firm is found to be more nutritious than the dairy firms, which are non-organic. Chemical analysis of organic ghee has revealed some interesting facts about organic ghee. 

CLA (conjugated linoleic acid):

Organic Ghee contains a comparatively higher amount of Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) as compared to non-organic varieties of milk fats. CLA offers health benefits like altered nutrient partitioning, improved lipid metabolism, immunity enhancement, and improved bone mineralization. The amount of CLA in organic milk is higher (pasture-browsed cow milk contains 2-3 times higher concentration of CLA), and for genuine reasons, organic ghee contains more CLA in it.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids:

 The omega-3 fatty acid is another healthy fat content available in higher quantities from organic ghee clarified butter than non-organic ghee. An increased omega-3 and other fatty acids benefit the heart, brain, eye health, and other tissue functions. Few recent studies have revealed that organic ghee’s overall fat composition (total omega-3, ALA, and CLA antioxidants are significantly higher) is more balanced than non-organic varieties. The high saturated fat content makes the ghee ketogenic diet friendly. 


 Organic farms feed their cows mostly grass, and grass-based foods, organic milk, and ghee made from organic milk butter contain more beta-carotene (Vitamin A) than conventionally grain-fed cows. Beta carotene works for the good health of the eye, heart, and skincare.

Sensory Properties

Organic ghee butter contains a better flavor than non-organic ghee. It is creamier in texture, and the color of the ghee is more yellow because of the higher amount of beta-carotene in it. Organic ghee is pure, so it stays longer on a kitchen shelf: it is highly shelf-stable.  It is a Keto diet and Paleo-friendly.

These are why organic ghee can offer better health benefits than non-organic varieties. However, you must use the best quality grass-fed ghee to enjoy its optimum benefit. Bring home Milkio grass-fed ghee and stay healthy at its best with the dietary support of this superfood.

Milkio ghee is lactose and casein-free, hence safe for lactose intolerants. To know more about organic ghee benefits, check the Milkio Website.

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