Best organic ghee: how to buy the best product for your kitchen

  • September 7, 2021
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Best organic ghee is indeed a virtuous natural product.

Consumers are mostly interested in using superior quality dairy products like ghee as quality assured products are highly beneficial. In other words, ghee benefits are easily available only from quality products, and organic ghee is counted as the best in its category.

Why organic ghee?

Organic foods may offer higher nourishing value than traditional food, according to modern research.  Organic products are pure and 100% traceable.

Organic ghee is produced from certified organic raw materials.  In making organic ghee only 100% grass fed cow milk butter is used. Organic milk butter is proven as the best raw material for making the most superior quality ghee.

How to verify a truly organic #ghee?

Mere claim from the manufacturer doesn’t confirm the organic quality of a sensitive dairy product like ghee. Authentic manufacturers get the organic certification from authorized concern with written acknowledgment.

For example, if you want to buy organic ghee, you should check first the product label if the ghee is certified by a reputed certifier for organic produce and products. A truly organic certified ghee will surely mention about the organic certification details to assert its authenticity.  

Organic ghee is completely pure and unadulterated

If you wish to buy best clarified butter, you have to buy pure ghee. Now what to expect from pure cow ghee? Pure ghee is free from all sorts of chemical preservative, color, additive, etc. 

If you find that the ghee you are buying is free from all these impurities and nastites like lactose, casein, gluten, GMO, sugar, salt, then you may go for the product for your kitchen.

If you close view an #organic ghee, it will show you some of its essential features.  These are:

  • Yellow golden color and a nutty flavor.
  • Creamy or slightly granular texture.
  • You can store organic cow ghee in your kitchen shelf for 12 months from the date of manufacturing.
  • You can store organic cow ghee without the support of refrigeration.
  • It is a verified Non-Gmo product and organic certified dairy.

The restriction you should maintain for preserving organic ghee:

 Aslo known as  brown butter ghee is a sensitive dairy product. Pure ghee is an adulteration free product, you have to maintain some conditions to preserve it for long.

  • You have to keep pure ghee in a dry and dark place preferably in an airtight container.
  • The dairy product should stay away from unwanted moisture exposure.
  • Clean and dry spoon should be used for bringing ghee out of the container.


How to test ghee purity in home?

One of the easiest methods you may use to find the adulteration of ghee is by applying heat. Simply take out one tablespoon of ghee from the jar and heat it against low to medium flame in a vessel. Pure organic cow ghee will melt immediately and the ghee in vessel will turn dark brownish in hue if the ghee is pure. 

If the ghee takes time in getting melted and stays light yellow in color after melting, you can be sure that the ghee you have chosen is adulterated, and it is not the best ghee you are looking for.


Wide varieties of ghee are is available in market. It is always good to buy ghee with all the above mentioned points narrated. Otganic ghee is health friendly and helps in many ways in staying fit and fine for its consumers.

If you are looking for good quality organic cow ghee, you may try the Milkio 100% Orgnic grass fed ghee. Made in New Zealand using 100% grass fed cow milk butter, Milkio Cow ghee is organic certified from USDA, and verified Non-GMO product.  

Milkio Foods, New Zealand offers is one of the best organic ghee brands and the premium dairy product is available for easy purchase from Amazon, Walmart, eBay, Milkio website, etc. 



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