At its core, the issue of a clean environment is a matter of public health.

Why is innovation important?

Typically innovation is associated in generating and applying new ideas on processes or products. However, it is not only signified by these aspects but also it is a way of uncovering to do things in new ways. It can actually also lead to optimising business models or adapting changes to improve products or services.

Building innovation is a fine balance of ideas that address consumer demands at one end and spotting opportunities by identifying upcoming trends. Typically in the context of dairy industry innovation is either consumer-led or technology-led.

For dairy, iInnovation has played an important role in the last few decades due to not only the technological advances in the industry but also evolving tastes of people from various cultures across the globe pertaining to the dairy products.

Innovation in New Zealand Dairy Context

New Zealand has always been known for world leading dairy innovation in terms of products, along with innovative farming, that brings out the best in the animal breeding and sustainability of future.

One of the prime focus of innovations in dairy at New Zealand, is providing safe and sustainable nutrition which is also an important issue at global level. It therefore plays a big role in dairy context.

New Zealand’s priority is to protect the natural goodness of dairy by preserving the nutritional integrity of dairy products and providing simple and accurate information to help people make informed choices. For many dairy consumers, those choices are determined by food allergies or the type of diet and lifestyle they want to lead.

In terms of sustainable innovation at New Zealand following key points can be observed.

  • Advanced processing technologies to minimise treatment costs.
  • Processing innovation to reduce water, energy and cleaning costs to make overall manufacturing process more sustainable.
  • Optimisation of freezing and chilling processes to extend shelf-life and improve competitiveness.
  • Technologies to assist purity claims for new markets.
  • Ingredient innovation for processing lipids and emulsions and improving overall quality by optimising natural chemical composition

Innovation at Milkio

At Milkio, we extend the concept of innovation beyond our products and we work with our partners to add value to our products and make it a richer experience for our partners’ customers.

Our Research and Development efforts in Hamilton, constantly work on putting innovative thinking into our products and processes that we follow to make consumer experience enjoyable every day.

We are constantly working on our process of making ghee to ensure best quality ghee full of rich flavour and freshness is made available to our consumers.

We also work with our global partners to address their end-to-end milk-fat products needs by working on private labels for them. We have also demonstrated our agility for working on customising our ghee by different types of enrichments for some of our private label partners.