Grass-Fed Ghee

Organic clarified butter: how this natural dairy product promotes wellbeing & ayurvedic treatment

Organic Clarified Butter: the role of this natural dairy product in daily life & wellness Organic ghee clarified butter is a product derived from organic milk butter. Organic milk comes from organic dairying. The organic dairying allows dairy cows to raise organically (without use of GMOs, antibiotics, rBST, synthetic inputs etc.) on organic feed (green …


Olive Oil Substitute

Olive Oil Substitute: can grass-fed organic ghee be used as an olive oil substitute? Olive Oil Substitute is much needed these days because olive oil is not suitable for all cuisines, especially where you need a creamy texture and taste-enhancing aroma in the cooked dishes.   How can olive oil be replaced with another cooking …


Ghee manufacturers play 5 roles in quality ghee production

Ghee manufacturers are the prime player behind the quality assurance of a ghee product. Wide varieties of ghee products are available under different brand names, but people mostly select the products which are from reliable brands. Consumers consider a brand reliable where the profile of the product manufacturer stands consistent. This market rule applies for …


How to make ghee at home: 3 points of homemade ghee making you should not overlook

How to make ghee at home is an open secret for the ghee enthusiasts. But have you ever thought about how to make organic ghee at home? How to make ghee at home? It is a widely serached  question these days. Credit goes to the popularity of this dairy product and its dietary benefits, now …


What is Organic Ghee

What is organic ghee? How it is better a product in its category What is organic ghee? what is special about it?  Consumers often ask the question as organic products are costlier than non-organic products. Let’s talk first about the organic products and how it is better in its class. Organic stands for a unique …


Cow ghee benefits: 7 great health benefits of the dairy

Cow ghee benefits are unique and quite a few in number. Before you add the dairy staple to your diet, it is wise to know all the ghee’s health benefits. It will help you the favors for extracting optimum health improvement, health maintenance, and immunity growth for holistic wellbeing. As implied by the name, cow …


Ghee butter private label advantages

Ghee butter private label is a B2B (business to business) solution. The business module is gaining quick popularity worldwide as the dairy market has taken a great pace.  Ghee butter private label business is profitable indeed as the  ghee manufacturing company can increase its business volume without taking added liability to market their products. But …


Making ghee shelf-stable: make the best use of the dairy

Making ghee from milk at home is indeed a delicacy. Using this dairy staple in making tasty foods is again a unique culinary skill. Cooking with ghee is healthy enough when you use this anhydrous at its best condition, if you can store it properly. Good quality ghee clarified butter is expensive as making ghee …


Wholesale ghee suppliers – Why find wholesalers

Wholesale ghee suppliers are the bulk buyers who mostly buy ghee products directly from a ghee manufacturer. Because of bulk purchases, these wholesalers enjoy large discounts, and the rule goes the same while buying bulk quantities of ghee. Like other wholesalers in the market, ghee wholesalers are not concerned about ghee manufacturing, they are mostly …


Ghee suppliers – Grass fed ghee from New Zealand

Ghee suppliers are an  important and active participants in the ghee supply chain like other suppliers in the market. They ensure regular supply of ghee dairy product to the retail points for consumer purchase. The role of a supplier in business is to offer good quality products from a ghee producer at a good price …


Ghee goodness: a spoonful of health & vitality

“Ghee is the superfood of 22nd century” as rightly said by celebrity dietician Rujuta Diwekar. Predominantly a dairy product, ghee is produced from unsalted milk butter and it contains versatile nutrients that help you in staying fit and balanced. the oil is helpful for people of all ages if the consumer can add the dairy …


Grass-fed cow ghee: understanding the nature

Grass fed cow ghee is a popular fat source in many diets due to its benefits and unique properties. Grass fed ghee is suitable for Keto or Paleo diets and it can replace butters or oils in cooking. Cow ghee is also known as clarified butter that is made by heating butter until the fats …


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