Food Safety and Quality

Our commitment embraces every step of our supply chain

Why are food safety and quality important?

An effective national food control system is essential to protect the health and safety of domestic consumers.

They are also critical in enabling countries to assure the safety and quality of their foods entering the niche of international trade as well as to ensure that imported foods conform to national food safety requirements.

The new global environment for food trade places considerable obligations on both importing and exporting countries to strengthen their food control systems and to implement and enforce risk-based food control strategies.

Consumers are taking an unprecedented interest in the way food is produced, processed, and marketed, and are increasingly calling for the concerned Governments to accept greater responsibility for ensuring food safety and consumer protection.

According to World Health Organisation (WHO), there are multiple reasons to have effective food safety and a stringent quality assurance system in place for any food manufacturing.

Key reasons are mentioned below:

> The increasing threat of foodborne illnesses

> Rapidly changing food processing technologies

> Developing scientific food control systems for consumer protection

> Changing lifestyles across the Globe

> Growing consumer awareness and increasing demand for better information about the food contents.

According to WHO, food safety and quality control should be based on the following key principles:

<> Traceability -addressing the farm-to-table continuum

<> Establishing procedures for emergency hazards (e.g. recall of products)

<> Developing scientific food-control strategies

<> Shared responsibility among all stakeholders

Food safety Regulations globally may expand as governments seek to ensure appropriate oversight of food safety and public health concerns and to act on issues of public interest. Food scams have prompted a higher regulatory and compliance focus in several countries to ensure control on overall supply chain responsibility and building new products with the presence or absence of certain organic/inorganic chemicals.

New Zealand food safety and quality
The New Zealand food safety system extends from “farm to fork”.


Food Safety and Quality at Milkio

Milkio was founded in 2016 with the sole purpose to be the world’s most trusted grass-fed ghee producer from New Zealand by adhering to stringent standards of food safety and quality in New Zealand. We follow all four key principles prescribed by WHO in their food safety guidelines.

The objective of the food safety system in New Zealand is to provide safe and suitable food in New Zealand and for export.

In New Zealand, MPI (Ministry of Primary Industries) is responsible for legislation that covers all aspects of food safety, including production, processing, transport, and retailing.

We follow stringent food safety and quality practices for giving the best quality ghee products to our consumers that are full of health benefits and nutrition and meet their expectations not only for health improvement but also for the rich taste and flavors that our products bring to the food, prepared by our consumers.

Our Food Safety and Quality System ensures that we have a clear, consistent framework to deliver safe, quality products to our customers.

With an extremely proficient New Zealand dairy industry framework and infrastructure background, we can proudly assert that we can trace our raw materials to their source which comes from pure milk produced by 100% grass-fed cows grazing around lush green pastures spread across clean green New Zealand.

We commit ourselves to following stringent quality control standards and take the utmost care when collecting and processing our ingredients.

Our quality parameters are determined by the Ministry of Primary Industries (MPI), and we can track the ingredients of each batch of ghee to the dairy farm from which it originated.

Since we buy our ingredients from pure New Zealand, all the stringent processes followed by the New Zealand dairy industries are automatically applied to our products.

New Zealand Farmers are committed to the highest standards of quality control through regular on-farm testing as well as via independent farms and environmental assessments.

At every farm, milk samples are taken, and the tankers use cutting-edge testing technology to ensure only the highest standard of milk is processed from New Zealand dairy to convert into the purest milk fats that we source.

Establishing procedures for emergency hazards (e.g. recall of products)

We operate under Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) based quality programs: the NZFSA registered RISK MANAGEMENT PROGRAMME (RMP) for export Dairy-based products, and the NZFSA registered FOOD SAFETY PROGRAMME for domestic products for sale in Australia and New Zealand.

All quality parameters are confirmed by thorough analysis at independent registered laboratories. Customer and country entry requirements are considered when preparing specifications. The entire range is produced at a sophisticated manufacturing facility, which is close to a port for quick and easy dispatch.

Developing scientific food-control strategies

Milkio Foods utilizes dairy products that are BSE-free, as well as foot and mouth disease-free. Dairy products are only purchased from top NZ manufacturers and are NZFSA certified for export. Milkio grass-fed ghee has also been granted Halal Certification by FIANZ.

Our quality is incomparable because we put the best care into every step of the way right until our products reach your kitchen. We start by using the best ingredients, procured only from the dairy of New Zealand.

We ensure rigorous testing and quality checks to guarantee the utmost customer satisfaction, and then our products are packaged to preserve the best possible natural freshness. All this handcrafted care is what makes Milkio one of a unique brand.

For our ghee, we use this pure grass-fed cow’s milk in the form of butter to carefully and delicately make aromatic ghee we know you will love.

We ensure rigorous testing and quality checks to guarantee customer satisfaction, and then our products are packaged to preserve freshness. All this handcrafted care is what makes Milkio one of a kind.

Shared responsibility among all stakeholders

Entire Team Milkio is committed and passionate about providing only the best quality products to our end consumers. Products are manufactured from the best quality ingredients that are sourced from the New Zealand dairy industry utilizing milk fats coming from 100% grass-fed cows.

Everyone in Team Milkio undergoes required training from time to time as necessary about food safety and quality control recommended for all dairy manufacturers in New Zealand.

We also work closely with our supply-chain partners to ensure that they also have necessary certificates, and the same stringent norms are followed by them so that we can pack products full of rich quality that reaches our customers’ kitchens.


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