Downloads & Certifications


We commit ourselves to following stringent quality control standards, and take the utmost care when collecting and processing our ingredients.

Our quality parameters are determined by Ministry of Primary Industries (MPI), and we can track the ingredients of each batch of ghee to the dairy farm from which it originated.

We operate under Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) based quality programmes: the NZFSA registered RISK MANAGEMENT PROGRAMME (RMP) for export Dairy based products, and the NZFSA registered FOOD SAFETY PROGRAMME for domestic products for sale in Australia and New Zealand.

Milkio Foods utilizes dairy products that are BSE-free, and foot and mouth disease free.

Dairy products are only purchased from top NZ manufacturers and are NZFSA certified for export.

Milkio grass fed ghee has also been granted Halal Certification by FIANZ.

Milkio grass fed ghee products are now Non-GMO Project Verified. The products which are now entitled to the Butterfly logo on their labels

All quality parameters are confirmed by analysis at independent registered laboratories.

Customer and country entry requirements are taken into account when preparing specifications. The entire range is produced at a sophisticated manufacturing facility, which is close to a port for quick and easy dispatch.