Ghee in English: what makes this dairy delicacy a pantry superhero?

  • July 7, 2021
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Ghee in English language is called clarified butter as well as brown butter.  Some people call it milk fat too.

Predominantly originated from Asian countries, recently ghee has earned popularity in non-Asian countries not only for its rich taste but also for its nutritional potential and allied health benefits.

All the foods that taste good and health friendly are not essentially known as super foods. But ghee is regarded as the 22nd century super hero of smart kitchen.   Precisely, the versatile nature of this dairy product has labelled it as a smart food for staying fit, fine, and in shape.

What is ghee?

Ghee is made of pure milk butter. In slow cooking process of simmering, water gets completely evaporated from the milk butter and the fat gets separated from the milk solids.  In this method lactose and casein of butter gets completely removed and residual golden colored liquid is called ghee or clarified butter.

The ghee making process makes more simplified ghee butter, hence clarified butter can explain ghee better. Clarified butter is better than normal dairy butter in terms of its non-allergic type.

Ghee contains negligible amount of lactose

As ghee contains negligible amount of lactose in it, people identified with lactose intolerance can safely take ghee in their diet.

Ghee in English
Ghee in English

The overall acceptance of ghee in Non-Asian countries has given it a global popularity as a 22nd century supperfood.

What makes it pantry super hero?

 Presently, ghee is appreciated by smart home makers and they have agreed to call this dairy product the pantry hero for some obvious reasons.

Ghee can be used in all types of cooking:

Ghee can be used for making for both veg and non-veg dishes. The nutty aroma of ghee goes fabulous with sweet dishes too.

 It’s versatile:

Regardless you are planning for baking, sautéing, or deep dry, ghee can be your versatile cooking oil. You can use ghee raw also. It is anti-carcinogenic and anti- inflammatory.

Pure cow ghee is shelf stable:

You can store ghee easily in your kitchen without refrigeration support. If you buy ghee in bulk also, you don’t have to regret the buying, which you cannot do with common cooking oils. Common cooking oils are not that shelf stable.

Ghee offers higher smoke point:

Pure ghee offers higher smoking point than most of the common cooking oils and that makes it a safer option for cooking. Slowing cooking or high temperature cooking with ghee is a better and safer option for your kitchen.

The various health benefits of ghee

  • Not only for adding a special flavor in cooking, grass fed cow ghee in cooking can provide some health benefits. However, buying quality product and moderate use of it are the prerequisites of enjoying ghee benefits.
  • Pure Ghee contains some fat soluble vitamins like A, D, K and E. Some of the benefits of this milk fat are brain development of kids, eye health improvement, skin care, improvement of bone health, etc. of consumers.
  • Clarified butter contains CLA, (conjugated linoleic acid), which is a beneficial fatty acid that if coupled with sufficient exercise and active life style, can help in weight loss. This is one of the reasons in ketogenic diet, ghee is preferred over dairy butter and other fats.
  • Ghee is the natural source of Butyric Acid, which can keep colon health robust. With moderate ghee in diet, you will get to reduce you problem of constipation or irritable bowel syndrome.
  • This dairy staple aids in promoting heart health. All the fat soluble vitamins in it are helpful for maintaining health heart. Moderate ghee in cooking can keep your cholesterol count in blood under control if you maintain an active life style.
  • Ghee is detoxifying in nature, hence, it keeps digestive system clean and smooth running. This milk fat also stimulates digestive acid secretion in stomach, which in turn, assists in faster digestion of food. Ghee never slows down digestion like other fats like oils and dairy butter.

Ghee in English is popularly known as clarified butter and all these benefits of this dairy product has made pantry super hero. It’s a feel good milk fat food, which is free from the risk of lactose intolerance but loaded with milk butte benefits.

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