What is clarified butter-often dairy lover people keep on asking.

Also, a common question is “is clarified butter is the same as dairy butter?”

Our answer is no. Although both are milk-made products produced and both the dairy products are suitable as cooking oil, clarified butter and butter are quite different from each other.

When we say clarified butter, the word “clarified” adds a focus on its simplicity. In the production process, butter is boiled to that extent until the milk proteins like lactose and casein get eliminated from it. The butter without the milk protein content is called clarified butter.

 How clarified butter and dairy butter differs?

There are some specific differences between dairy butter and clarified butter.

Take a look here:

  1. Clarified butter offers a higher smoking point

Both butter and clarified butter is used as cooking oil, and for the sake of safety cooking, the smoking point of the oils matters a lot for safe cooking. If we compare clarified butter and dairy butter, we will observe that calcified butter offers a higher smoking point, which is 482 degrees Fahrenheit. On the contrary, dairy butter smoking point is around 350 degrees Fahrenheit.

If you are frying a tofu cutlet or baking a steak over the high heat, you can try clarified butter. Its higher smoking point is safer for high-temperature cooking as clarified butter stays stable against higher temperatures and poses a lesser health risk.   

  1. Clarified butter offers better storage friendliness

Clarified butter is easy to store in the kitchen without any refrigeration support. In terms of shelf life, this dairy product offers a longer shelf life. You can buy it in bulk and keep it stored for long.

On the other hand, butter is not shelf-stable like clarified butter. You have to offer refrigeration support to store butter in your kitchen. Dairy butter may get spoiled without storage in refrigeration

  1. How you can use clarified butter?

The question, what is clarified butter has an easy answer. It is also called ghee. Ghee is generally used as cooking oil in the kitchen. 

Because of the high smoke point, clarified butter stays stable against higher temperature cooking. For baking, sautéing, slow cooking, as well as for deep fry, ghee is a better choice than butter. You can use clarified butter over veggies, toast, pancakes, waffles, grain dishes, fish, poultry, and meats instead of dairy butter.  

Use in place of butter for drizzling Ghee or clarified butter is fantastic massage oil, which you can use for your skin and hair massage. The fat content of this dairy staple works wonder for maintaining skin glow and sheen and shine of the hair as well as it helps in preserving the natural hydration of skin and hair.

Clarified butter or ghee is a common base ingredient for making ayurvedic medicine. Ayurvedic practitioners use clarified butter for making medicine as it is pure and nutritious in its content, sweet smelled, and easy to digest and helpful for body detox.

Although butter is procured from milk, similar to the production of clarified butter, butter does not offer the same versatility as ghee. The versatility of clarified butter over dairy butter is one of the main differences between these two dairy products. 

Can you use clarified butter on toast?

Clarified butter or ghee is a good substitute for the dairy butter and you can use it on the morning toast exactly as the butter used as a spread. The high calorie of ghee and its sweet nutty aroma is a winning combo. The use of ghee with toast works as a high-calorie filler food that takes time to and controls hunger pang.

Does ghee taste like butter?

Dairy butter smells like milk, but clarified butter (ghee) smells with a yummy nutty aroma, and texture-wise it feels like roasted and caramelized. Butter offers a unique creamy-milky-freshness, but as milky proteins are removed from clarified butter, it does not offer the creamy mouth-feel like butter. However, the flavor of ghee is largely dependent on its raw ingredients. Purer is the dairy butter, the produced ghee superior in quality.

What are the benefits of clarified butter?

The answer to the question, what is clarified butter must include its unique health benefits. Also known as brown butter, this dairy staple offers a wide range of health benefits but you have to consume its premium quality. Portion control is another point for enjoying the best ghee benefits.

  1. Ghee is nutrient-rich: it contains multivitamins and antioxidants: Clarified butter (ghee) contains vitamins A, D, E, and K. These vitamins are helpful to hair and skin health, maintaining heart health, keeping free radicals of body neutralized, etc.
  2. Clarified butter contains CLA: Clarified butter contains CLA, which is the short form of Conjugated Linoleic Acid, a medium-chain fatty acid. Medical science has identified CLA as one of the natural supplements to initiate natural weight loss. Research is going on CLA, and it has been identified that CLA helps in preventing carcinogenic diseases as well as it helps in maintaining a healthy heart.
  3. It helps in maintaining natural hydration: Clarified butter can retain moisture. Ghee helps maintain the natural hydration level of the body. It keeps body tissues soft and flexible.
  4. Takes care of skin and hair: Ghee in the diet, as well as external ghee massage, takes care of skin and hair. According to Asian folk remedies, ghee massage prevents hair fall, premature aging, and delays skin aging.
  5. Aids in digestion: Pure and premium quality ghee helps in easy digestion hence prevents the problem of acidity, bloating, etc.
  6. Functions as a natural laxative: Clarified butter contains butyrate, which is helpful for colon clearance. This dairy staple works as a natural medicine for constipation or IBS problem.
  7. Allergy-risk free: it is free of lactose and casein and that’s why lactose intolerant people can have time without any risk of food allergy.
  8. Immunity booster: Takes care of eyesight: Moderate cow ghee in diet takes care of eyesight. You can use melted clarified butter as an eye drop at night to cure problems like dry eye syndrome.
  9. Retains memory: Ghee’s diet is good for the human brain. According to Ayurveda, ghee in the diet is good for retaining memory and it prevents dementia for elders.
  10. Takes care of the bone joint: The saturated fat content of ghee helps maintain the flexibility of bone joints for elders.

What is clarified butter can’t be a one-liner answer, as it includes so many unique features to call it clarified butter.

This dairy staple contains rich nutrients and it offers a wide array of health benefits provided you use premium quality grass-fed ghee in your diet. Quality and moderation are the two rules of thumb for you if you want to enjoy all the clarified butter benefits above-mentioned. 

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