Ghee benefits are manifold kind. Pure ghee in diet offers varieties of health improvements as well as this diary staple promotes a natural feel good mood.

Loaded with saturated fats and fat soluble vitamins, this anhydrous fat can help in enjoying better balance of health and emotional well-being.

What are the ghee benefits?

Ghee benefits include both external and internal health.  External health benefits include desi ghee benefits for eye, skin, improvement of bone health, etc. These external benefits are one of the reasons, clarified butter (ghee) is profusely used in Asian countries and UAE countries as a potential home remedy maker from kitchen.

Apart from external benefits, pure cow ghee is highly recommended for adding in diet.  Dietician and nutritionists have opined that moderate ghee in diet has helped in keeping natural control on cholesterol count in blood, maintaining healthy heart if coupled with active life style, healthy diet, and adequate rest.

How does ghee help in natural weight loss?

Although loaded with 62% saturated fats, ghee can help you in shedding extra body weight, and it really works.  Because of high calorie count, brown butter can work as a filler food if added to your morning tea or coffee.  This dairy staple contains fats and hence it works for controlling hunger pang.

Ghee comprises conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), which is a kind of omega-6 fatty acids medically known for aiding in natural weight loss. CLA can also boost lean body mass by reducing fat mass that results in organic weight loss. If moderate amount of ghee diet is followed with daily exercise and active lifestyle, ghee helps in initiating faster weight loss from body.

Ghee in pregnancy diet is beneficial: How does ghee help in pregnancy?

Ghee contains considerable quantity of Omega 3 fatty acids, Omega 9 fatty acids, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Ghee benefits in pregnancy is due to the rich content of this dairy product. Furthermore, clarified butter (ghee) contains butyrate, which relived the chronic problem of constipation, which is a common snag of pregnancy period.

According to Indian Ayurveda, clarified butter is potentially helpful in boosting the brain development of the fetus in mother’s womb. In old days, desi ghee benefits in pregnancy was counted for easing labor pain of child delivery, hence it was given to the carrying ladies.

How ghee benefits are applicable for heart health?

Ghee can reduce the risk of heart disease to a large extent. Despite the bad reputation it has gained over the years, ghee may actually function as a natural preventive against heart disease.

Ghee contains conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), a fatty acid that prevents carcinogens, removes artery plaque and controls cholesterol in blood. Its antioxidant support and fay soluble vitamin contents keeps heart health at par for people with general health.

For cardiac patients, it is better to speak to a doctor for adding ghee in their diet.

How ghee helps in reducing fatigue?

High calorie and fat content of pure cow ghee supplies energy for its consumers. It is medically proven that our adrenals and endocrine system love healthy fats and get invigorated by its healthy nutrients. Feeling tired in the mornings? Add one table spoon pure ghee in your morning coffee and perk your energy level in a healthy way.

Other ghee benefits for promoting health and emotional wellbeing:

  • Ghee supplies energy: Ghee comprises of medium chain fatty acids, which the liver can integrate indirectly and burn directly. This makes ghee a healthier energy source than most of the carbs we include in our diet.
  • Endorses immunity: The antioxidant and vitamin content of clarified butter naturally stimulates immunity by promoting the production of T cells in the gut.
  • Reduces inflammation: butyrate supplements are proven medicines for reducing inflammation, as ghee contains butyrate, ghee benefits for arthritis control works well.
  • Boost appetite: milk with ghee benefits is a trusted remedy for boosting digestion and improved appetite.
  • Takes care of eye health: Ghee contains Vitamin A, which checks macular degeneration and cataract development. Warm milk with ghee benefits will offer you all the advantages of using ghee diet.

Ghee benefits are not only the health benefits, buy also ghee offers a balanced state of health system that inspires and promotes a pure digestive system, robust immunity, and enhanced power of better living.

However, it is important to include quality ghee: Cow ghee is believed to be the best quality dairy product for enjoying almost all ghee benefits.