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Milkio’s ingredients sourced from these clean green dairy farms

Why Milkio?

The quality of the milk produced by the cows is directly related to their diet and the surrounding environment.

100% New Zealand  ⇒
Grass-fed  ⇒
Non-GMO  ⇒
Keto and paleo-friendly  ⇒
Food safety and quality  ⇒
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why milkio

Clean green dairy farms: We are supported by our RMP and MPI guidelines

Finest Milk In The World: NZ’s pasture-fed cows, feasting on lush green grass

Our products complement
your diet and lifestyle

New Zealand is well-recognized for its regulatory control of GMOs, and we proudly boast of the same in our products too.

100% new zealand
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100% New Zealand

The quality of the milk produced by the cows is directly related to their diet and the surrounding environment. So, it’s no wonder that New Zealand’s pasture-fed cows, feasting on lush green grass, produce some of the finest milk in the world.


Milkio’s grass-fed ghee is made from milk fats produced from the milk of cows grazing in natural pastures of lush green grass, in pristine environments of New Zealand. This grass is nurtured on fertile soil, and moderate temperature under plenty of sunshine, where freely roaming happy cows graze nearly all year round.

grass fed



Our ghee is manufactured with best quality New Zealand dairy ingredients that meet New Zealand’s stringent Non-GMO standards to give our customers truly natural and rich taste keeping them completely safe from any hazards of genetically modified food-contents.

Keto and paleo-friendly

We ensure the manufacturing of our grass-fed ghee, which is rich with good fats, retains high MCT, more vitamins and CLA, giving it nutty buttery flavoured taste. These contents for a great source of energy compounded with benefits of improved digestion and suppresses the appetite helping you maintain your weight. With an abundance of vitamins, in the natural form and lack of casein and lactose in our ghee, is also highly beneficial to paleo diet followers.

Keto paleo

Food safety and quality

Food safety and quality

Our commitment extends through every step of our supply chain – right from the butter we source from our trusted partners through to end-consumers across multiple countries, making it highly traceable in the farm-to-table continuum


At Milkio, the sustainability of our beautiful planet is at our heart and we follow that in a very simple way. The highly sustainable environment of New Zealand helps nutrient-rich farms and healthy cows which produce the best quality milk, that we source our milk-fats from ensuring our consumers get only the best quality ghee, following a complete cycle of our sustainability vision.


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Typically innovation is associated in generating and applying new ideas on processes or products. However, it is not only signified by these aspects but also it is a way of uncovering to do things in new ways. It can actually also lead to optimising business models or adapting changes to improve products or services.

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