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Khoya: Concentrated Milk Solids (CMS), Flavorsome, Creamy, the Base Ingredient of Many Desserts

Khoya or Mava is cooked by slowly reducing full-cream milk over low heat until it thickens and transforms into a dense, semi-solid, doughy, granular mass with a pleasant aroma and a smooth & moist surface. Khowa is also called Mawa or Khoa.

Khoya or Mawa is Concentrated Milk Solids, flavorsome, brownish, either sweet or slightly salty. It offers an excellent creamy mouthfeel and can be used as a base ingredient for making delicious desserts and sweets of Asian Cuisine. Khoya offers a granular structure, which is easy to blend due to its moist and smooth surface.

Khoa or Mawa is easy to blend, shelf-stable, & easy to store.

Mava Mawa
Sweets using Khoya
  • Rich Flavor: Khoya adds a creamy, caramelized flavor to sweets and desserts, enhancing the overall taste of a dessert dish.
  • Versatility: Khoya is also called Mawa: it offers a unique adaptable texture, and its milky taste makes it a versatile dairy product suitable for a wide range of sweet dishes.
  • Nutritional Value: Khoya is a consistent source of essential nutrients like calcium, protein, and vitamins, contributing to a nutritious diet.
  • Creaminess: Adding khoa makes bringing a creamy and luscious texture to sweet dishes easy, making them more satisfying.
  • Textural Element: Its granular consistency adds a delightful textural element to desserts.
  • Binding Agent: Khowa is a natural binding agent in many sweet recipes.
Khoya Manufacturer
Khoya manufacturer
Khoya Sweets
Mawa Sweets
Mawa Milkshake
  • Truffles Filling: Adds richness to chocolate truffles for a unique flavor.
  • Croissant Twist: Try in pastries for an exotic touch in international desserts.
  • Tiramisu Creaminess: Khoya or Mawa use may add a velvety texture into the classic Italian tiramisu.
  • French Tart Base: Khoya/Mawa works as a filling in various French tarts.
  • Panna Cotta Enhancer:  Khoya elevates the creamy texture of this Italian dessert.
  • Mochi Filling:  If used, khoya blended flawlessly into the core of Japanese mochi desserts.
  • Fusion Milkshakes: Blends seamlessly into both Indian and global milkshakes.
  • Peda Variation: Used in traditional Indian peda as well as international variations.
  • Cannoli Filling:  Khoya is an enjoyable component in Italian cannoli dessert shells.
Khoa Mawa Uses