Uses of ghee in Ayurveda: a continuing medicinal legacy

Pure ghee is a well-known culinary ingredient in Indian kitchen but apart from its use in Indian cuisine, ghee is used in Ayurvedic treatment since ancient ages of India. According to history of Ayurvedic medicine, ghee (was also named as Ghritam/Ghrita) was used in long term treatment of degenerative, lingering, and deep-rooted, elongated diseases. Ghee’s inherent quality of receiving and improving the drug power was the main reason behind the uses of ghee in Ayurveda. However, the tradition of using ghee is Ayurvedic treatment is still ongoing.

  • Ghee is used as medicine to control bad cholesterol

It is medically proven that ghee has the medicinal potential to increase the ratio of fat-soluble vitamins like Vitamin E in blood. Vitamin E is an active antioxidant that prevents oxidation of harmful LDL in the sub-endothelial space of arteries, which is helpful for prevention of atherosclerosis; it helps in natural controlling of the chance of heart attack or cardiac stroke.

Even though ghee contains loads of animal fat, studies have shown that larger doses of ghee if administered for cleansing purpose, it does not increase the level of ‘bad’ cholesterol in human body. It is safe for cardiac patients also; this is one of the uses of ghee in Ayurveda.

  • Ghee for digestive system detox

Ghee is known for its laxative property and this is the reason it is used for cleansing body by Ayurvedic process of detoxing. Larger dose of ghee is prescribed in empty stomach or intake: it is called Panchkarma process of cleaning. Uses of ghee in Ayurveda for digestive system detox are widely popular as this natural detox process is free from harmful side effects.

  • Pure ghee regularize irregular bowel movement

Besides being laxative, consumption of ghee in moderate quantity stimulates the release of enzymes and hormones in body to purify blood as well as to stimulate gastro intestinal tract for better digestion. Moreover, pure ghee promotes contraction of gall bladder and biliary section. Ghee remedy is suggested for people suffering from constipation or in irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).

Ghee offers a palatable aroma and it has a nutty taste which adds extra layer of succulence in food. Regular consumption of pure ghee helps in increasing suppleness of body tissues, improves quality of semen, breast milk, and normalizes blood and lymph. Pure ghee is used for Ayurvedic eye treatment. Uses of ghee in Ayurveda are inspired by pureness of this product.

Cow ghee offers some unique medicinal properties; Uses of ghee in Ayurveda are based on these qualities. For example, it is sweet in flavor, and it is cold in nature, oily, soft type and all these qualities work as a natural pacifier of intensified Vata and Pitta doshas (Disorder) in the body. In Ayurvedic treatment process these pitta doshas are accountable for causing most of diseases, and ghee can be used as valuable dietary aid to eliminate these doshas and bringing back physical balance of body. 

These are some of the uses of ghee in Ayurveda based treatment. However, for enjoying best medicinal benefits of ghee best quality ghee procured from organic cow milk has to be used. Looking for best quality pure ghee? Try Milkio’s pure New Zealand ghee and enjoy wide array of medicinal benefits of ghee for you wellbeing!

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