What is ghee made of is a common question for health freaks. It is full of fats but research says pure cow ghee is healthy.

This is exactly in line of the old sayings of grandma that ghee is an elixir that helps in staying fit and fine. But what makes ghee so much helpful?

In this context, we must mention that we are referring pure cow ghee, while discussing its benefits.

Ghee is good for skin and hair care

Ghee in diet is good for maintaining the lustrous bounce in your hair. The vitamin and antioxidant content of pure cow ghee helps, in nourishing skin and hair health. It is simple to add ghee in cooking.


Besides ghee in cooking, you can use ghee massage on your skin and scalp at least 2-3 times a week.  The oily texture of cow ghee will keep you skin soft and supple and your hair health absolutely revitalized.

Ghee is good for digestion

Exact like grandma if you are worried and concerned about your smooth and systematic digestion, ghee in cooking is a yummy solution. Not only this milky fat adds a creamy texture in food, it is helpful for digestive system too.

If you are suffering from acidity, bloating, or indigestion, ghee diet is a good remedy to control. Use moderate ghee as your cooking oil and it will take care of your digestive system.

Clarified butter or Ghee is good for heart health

Ghee in diet can help in maintaining heart health if you can support your ghee diet with an active lifestyle. It has been found in research that contrary to myth, pure cow ghee does not increase harmful cholesterol level in blood count.

Furthermore, as per grandma’s advice, good quality ghee in cooking is helpful for lowering high glycaemic index of complex carbs and prevents the risk of diabetes.

Improvement of lifestyle

Improvement of lifestyle is a complicated issue but if it is done, it helps in maintaining the best wellness of body and mind.

Adding ghee in diet you can add a feel-good factor in your diet.

The omega 3 and 6 in pure ghee coupled with CLA controls the problem of obesity: moderate ghee in diet with exercise and regular rest can help you in controlling body weight.

Ghee in cooking helps in:

  • Increasing flexibility of bone joints.
  • Keeping energy level at par.
  • Improves level of concentration.
  • Prevents loss of memory.
  • Take care of eye and offers relief in dry eye syndrome.
  • Increases fertility level in men and women and naturally treats the problem of insomnia.

Healthy colon management with ghee

Pure cow ghee contain butyrate, which is an obvious medicinal remedy for irregular bowel movement.  Ghee in diet with moderation is helpful in reducing the problem of constipation as this dairy delicacy contains natural butyrate. 

Ghee in diet or dose of one tablespoon ghee with lukewarm water at bedtime can bring you relief from constipation.

Grandma recommended ghee health remedies:

  • Use pure ghee drop in nose if you are experienced sudden nose bleeding.
  • Apply ghee message on your under eye dark circle to get rid of it.
  • Use of ghee as an ointment for your cracked lips will heal it almost overnight.
  • Ghee in pregnancy diet is supportive for mother’s health and the baby in the womb.

What ghee is made of?

All the ghee benefits are the result of ghee’s rich content.  If you want to know what ghee is made of, the answer is  pure cow ghee contains, loads of saturated fats, vitamins A, E, D, and K, CLA, Butyrate, Omega 3, 6 fatty acids, etc.

All these healthy ingredients are found in organic grass fed cow ghee that grandma used to prefer always. You can try Milkio organic grass fed cow ghee to get all the benefits narrated here.

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