Drinking ghee on empty stomach brings 7 natural healthy benefits

  • September 7, 2021
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Drinking ghee on an empty stomach: 7 benefits you can cherish

Drinking ghee on an empty stomach is an old ayurvedic remedy that is used for many benefits. Even in modern times, the ghee remedy can offer you lots of benefits if you can use it with proper care and with strict quality maintenance of the ghee you are using.

Drinking ghee empty stomach may not look like two correlated factors. But when they are used one with another, the result is magic. Here you can use cow ghee or sheep ghee or A2 ghee, however, ghee must be of grass-fed quality and you need to maintain some other restrictions. But before that let’s take a look at why drinking ghee is a health-friendly recommendation.

Drinking ghee – clarified butter, first thing in the morning makes the nourishing juice called Rasa. According to Ayurvedic Medicine, ghee lubricates every tissue and every cell in your body. Also, ghee builds the immune system, which is called Ojas in Ayurveda.

Drinking oils such as sesame oil, coconut oil, linseed or hemp seed oil, or olive oil, after you wake up is a common practice, but drinking ghee instead of these souls will offer some unique benefits that these vegetable oils cannot offer you by any means. However, before discussing ghee drinking on empty stomach benefits, let’s check what Rasa is.

What is Rasa?

Rasa is available in every cell in the body. Good and healthy Rasa shows the benefits of glowing and soft skin. It offers a healthy shine. When Rasa is balanced, we experience clear perception, faith, love, and balanced emotion; when Rasa is out of balance, we feel sad and confused. So keeping balance in Rasa is one of the vital points of staying healthy.

Why you should drink ghee first thing in the morning?

Drinking of desi cow ghee helps in maintaining the nourishment to the tissues. When all these tissues receive the oils or ghee, every cell of the body gets the requisite nourishment; the joints get lubricated, the hair becomes soft and silkier, the skin gets smoother.

These are all ghee benefits, which not only Ayurveda but also modern dieticians are approving for enjoying holistic wellbeing. In the ayurvedic terminology, pure ghee eating in the morning reduced the problem of Vata Dosha. 

Drinking ghee

Drinking ghee (clarified butter) on an empty stomach: the benefits

Drinking ghee or clarified butter on an empty stomach offers butyrate support

Ghee contains loads of butyrate, a health-friendly short-chain fatty acid. It is a proven natural supplement for maintaining a healthy colon. Drinking ghee early in the morning on an empty stomach works as a natural laxative and helps in maintaining a healthy gut.

For those who are suffering from constipation or Irritable bowel syndrome, consumption of pure desi cow ghee offers them one of the ghee clarified butter benefits: but you need to take it either with lukewarm water or with milk.

However, milk contains lactose and casein and that is why milk solids may not suit people with lactose intolerance. For them, ghee in lukewarm water is a health-safe remedy for gut health.

Drinking coffee with ghee (bulletproof coffee) in the morning is helpful for weight loss benefits 

Are you following a weight loss diet? If yes, you can get to enjoy the butyric acid and omega 3 fatty acid benefits of ghee clarified butter in your favor. You can add pure ghee to your morning tea or bulletproof coffee instead of adding sugar or jaggery in it.

A high-calorie count of desi ghee and healthy fat content will help you in calorie intake restriction on one hand. On the other hand, the anti-inflammatory benefits of butyric acid and conjugated linoleic acid helps in flushing toxins out of the body. Furthermore, ghee butter benefits include natural cut off of unwanted fat from the body that results in natural weight loss. 

Consuming ghee in the morning on an empty stomach boosts energy level

Ghee’s nutrition includes healthy saturated fats, Medium Chain fatty acids like CLA, vitamins (A, D, E, K2), and antioxidants. When cow’s ghee is added to the morning coffee recipe it perks up the energy level and offers an energy-packed start to the day, especially those who love to visit the gym for calorie control. Moreover, clarified butter in coffee works as a filler food for its high loads of saturated fats and it can control the urge of eating longer than usual.

Consuming ghee in the morning on an empty stomach reduces acidity

Ghee consumption in the morning will help you in controlling acidity as ghee neutralizes stomach acid in taken on an empty stomach. If you have a problem with digestion, eating ghee in the morning is helpful for your digestive system. Medicated ghee is the best product, however, you can use pure grass fed ghee also for your morning ghee dose.

Drinking ghee in the morning is supportive for healthy heart

Omega-3 fatty acids in pure ghee prevent heart disease and control bad cholesterol in the body. The morning dose of ghee is helpful for heart health. If you want to enjoy organic ghee benefits from the starting of the day, drinking ghee in the morning on an empty stomach is a healthy start.

Ghee in empty stomach may help in restoring health

If you have lost weight recently due to some recurring health disease, you can use homemade ghee or the best grass-fed organic ghee remedy for healthy weight gain support. You may try the home remedy of taking Pure ghee with sugar in the morning and it will help you to regain your lost body weight. 

Drinking ghee in empty stomach is a skin friendly home remedy

Eating organic clarified butter in the morning is good for soft and supple skin. Pure ghee is an excellent natural moisturizer. If you have ghee in the morning with lukewarm water or milk, it is an easy way to boost your skin’s hydration level resulting in baby soft skin. Ghee in the morning diet can help in keeping bone joints and tissues in the body soft and flexible. 

Summing up:

Drinking ghee on an empty stomach is definitely a healthy start of the day, which can offer you umpteen benefits, but there is BUT. You have to use ghee of the best quality and you need to maintain a strict moderation in ghee quantity.

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