Clarified butter brands

Clarified butter brands are available plenty in numbers in market. Hence, before buying this dairy cooking fat for your pantry, you need to cherry pick the best brand for your kitchen.

Yes, we know that you cannot depend on the marketing gimmick the brands offer for the market promotion. You may find them fluffy. But if you can read the brand description, which you will find on product label, your shopping may seem easier.   

Read the shelf-life?

The shelf-life of the ghee is one of the most important points for judging the quality of the brand you have picked so far. A quality cow ghee brand offer 12-18 months of shelf life of their product.  Check before purchase if the clarified butter variety you have selected is enough shelf stable.


Check the packaging

Packing of the good Clarified butter brands will certainly stand apart. Ghee is photo sensitive dairy product. Good quality clarified butter is always packed in good quality container, which is air tight, non-transparent, and not exposed to external heat easily.
Check the container of the product you have shortlisted.  If the container meets the points mentioned here, you can count on the brand you have selected so far.

Check the texture

Pure grass fed cow ghee is mostly of creamy of slightly granular texture. Yellow golden in color, good quality cow ghee is prepared in traditional process without adding preservatives, synthetic color or aroma.
High aroma of pure ghee is never the result of synthetic additive but the authenticity of the production process makes the product superior in quality. Good quality ghee offers a unique refreshing nutty flavor.

Check ingredients

Besides checking organic and grass fed certification for pure grass fed organic ghee also check the nutritional panel. Pure cow ghee contains Medium chain fatty acids, Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, butyrate, and conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), which helps its consumers to stay hydrated, balanced, as well as healthy inside and outside.

Clarified butter brands

Clarified butter brands

Ghee ingredients like Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, and CLA combo is highly supportive for quick weight loss of human body. These are heart friendly ingredients of clarified butter. Only best quality Clarified butter brands maintain the idea ghee nutritional profile to offer their consumers option ghee benefits.
The list of ingredients are best checked from the ghee label. Reading the product label is an easy way to find the best ghee brand for your kitchen.

Go for grass fed ghee variety

Brands that are organic certified and produced from 100% grass fed cow milk are the best cow ghee varieties. You can buy this quality clarified butter in bulk quantity for its safe use and easy storage. 100% grass fed cow ghee can be trusted for quality if the other points mentioned here turn authentically applicable.
Out of many clarified butter brands, it is indeed a tough task to pick the best brand for your use. You need to understand that cow ghee is one of the best ghee variants that is easy to digest and tasty for adding in cooking.

Grass fed cow ghee is highly rich in nutrients, which can be used for kids and pregnancy diet at ease.

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