Is ghee good for skin?

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Is ghee good for skin? It is a common question that beauty freaks often wonder.

How this oily substance can work well for all skin type? Before we deep delve into the topic, let’s know first what ghee is, and why it is good for skin.

What ghee is?

Let’s note that when we are talking of ghee here, it’s all about cow ghee we are emphasizing at. Ghee is also known as clarified butter as during the manufacturing process the milky part of the butter gets eliminated.  Milk butter get more clarified in ghee making process and turns into ghee, which is without water, lacrosse and casein, etc. It is found loaded with vitamins, fatty acids, and antioxidants and that makes it healthy for skin.  So the answer of the query “is ghee good for skin”, is yes, ghee is good for skin by its external use and consuming it via food.

How ghee works for skin?

Let’s know first what the role cow ghee plays for skin. It helps in five skin friendly ways.

These are:

Cow ghee works as a natural moisturizer: it can be used externally as well as internally.  Ghee massage helps in maintaining skin softness.

Consumption of ghee in food helps in maintaining the hydration level of skin. Once the hydration level is maintained, it works perfectly for skin care.

Is ghee good for skin?  The answer will be yes, because soft and hydrated skin helps in enjoying anti-aging effect and retaining excellent skin glow.

  • Improves the overall vitality and smoothness of the skin.
  • Ingesting ghee in food is an easy way to enjoy the rejuvenating and antioxidant properties of this dairy product.
  • Ghee massage and ghee diet boosts skin radiance.
  • Ghee benefits for skin includes the visible improvement of skin tone, complexion, and overall health qualities of skin.
  • Ghee for skin offers the impact of age restoring.

Benefits of Using Ghee in Your Skincare

Is ghee good for skin?  The answer is affirmative as the innate properties of ghee stand responsible for its skin friendly qualities.

Cow ghee contains essential fatty acids that induce natural hydration in the skin cells, thus keeps on maintaining the level of desired moisture of the skin. It is a form of anhydrous fat that can form bonding with other nutrients and herbs to get penetrated at the deepest layers of the body.

Although in lesser quantity, Ghee contains Vitamin A, D, E, and K: These vitamins are skin friendly and help in maintaining its natural healthy glow and unblemished texture of skin if ghee is added to diet in moderate quantity.

Good quality cow ghee is a great carrier item that emphasizes the potency of certain herbs by carrying energetic vital components to the interiors of the skin cells.

How to use ghee for skin care?

Now comes the billion dollar question: when ghee is good for the skin, how to use it in a productive way. In fact, the knowledge of ghee applied methods the right answer for the query “Is ghee good for skin”.

Using ghee for skin care is a versatile beauty therapy.   Here we have suggested total ten easy ways to use ghee for skin care and cure.

It is a good quality lip balm:  It’s really simple and productive! Cow Ghee is a good remedy to take care of cracked lips. Use ghee at night as a lip balm every day for enjoying beautiful, moist lips.

Smear it on elbows and knees and keep them baby-soft —Apply ghee on the elbows and knees and you will get to enjoy soft skin within few days.

Use ghee for maintaining silky heels.  Suffering from cracked heel or uneven skin issue in heel area? Rub a little amount of ghee on your heels before bed, and put socks to allow ghee to sit in overnight. Result? You will get awesome change soon.

Ensure extra shield for your feet with ghee. Mix a dollop of ghee with some tea tree oil and calendula extracts to keep your feet smooth and glowing.

Apply ghee on hands and cuticles. Ghee can be your hand lotion. Apply cow ghee and your hand and body lotion on your hands and cuticles. you will find the positive improvement soon.

Is ghee good for skin
Is ghee good for skin

 Ghee as a natural medicine for hair treatment. Ghee is highly beneficial for hair care, which is done due to good care of scalp! For boost volume and softness, you can mix one tablespoon ghee and a tablespoon of coconut/olive oil to massage on the scalp. Allow it to sit sometime before you apply shampoo.

Ghee to remove eye makeup.

Ghee can be used as an effective and all-natural eye makeup remover: it can work as a rejuvenating eye cream due to its skin friendly quality. Mix together ghee and one drop of vitamin E oil. Apply to the eyelids and lashes: it will act as a makeup remover and an eye cream.

Ghee for baby skin care:

You can use cow ghee to prevent diaper rash on baby’s bum. Simply smear the dairy elixir on the skin of the baby bum.

As a topical lotion. If ever you have a bump or minor scrape that needs extra dose of care for faster healing, you can trust ghee. Apply a mixture of ghee and a pinch of turmeric powder. Turmeric and ghee will offer you excellent haling benefits.

The question is ghee good for skin is already answered. Best and pure quality cow ghee can offer you plethora of skin benefits, however, you need to know the methods of using thus dairy staple at your convenience.

Try Milkio, organic 100% grass fed cow ghee and enjoy amazing skin benefits. Use Milkio for external skin care as well as you can enjoy all ghee benefits on skin by adding Milkio in cooking.

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