Grass fed ghee: 6 reasons to include in your diet

Gone are those days when fats were considered real villains and they were strictly prohibited food items. Nowadays, doctors and dieticians recommend to add good fats in diet in moderation because it has been clinically proven that saturated fats in diet offer multiple health benefits.

Grass fed ghee is one such kitchen staple that has loads of saturated fats in it has offers all the benefits of saturated fats.

The objective of healthy living and maintaining a healthy body really makes a sense in adding grass fed ghee in diet. But wait! Before you start adding organic ghee in your diet, don’t you want to know the benefits you can expect to enjoy by adding fat loaded dairy product? If yes, you will be amazed to know that there are at least 6 great health benefits saturated fats of ghee can do for you.


Saturated fats minimizes cardiovascular risk factor

When saturated fats are added to diet (in moderation), it reduces the percentage of Lp(a) or lipoprotein in blood, which is related to the vulnerability of an individual toward developing heart disease.  Till date no such medical antidote is available, which can reduce Lp(a) in human being unless it is done naturally by consuming saturated fats.  Moreover, increased HDL level in blood lowers the risk of cardio disease (CVD), which is partly done by consumption of saturated fat rich foods.

In women, moderate intake of saturated fat-enriched foods can lower the risk of obesity if the diet is coupled with exercise, adequate rest, and stress-free lifestyle.

Saturated fats promotes stronger bones

Maintaining bone health is an important part of staying healthy regardless you are a man or a woman. Maintaining bone health becomes more challenging at middle ages, which is commonly called mid age health crisis. Supply of calcium can be a good remedy to mitigate this deficiency but it has to be coupled with saturated fat based foods. Saturated fats help in absorbing calcium properly by our health system.

It related to liver health too

Fatty liver can be a serious issue for your health and wellbeing. Adequate supply of saturated fats in diet can help livers to shed off unwanted fats, and trim the waist line fats as well.  Saturated fat enriched diet can help in protecting liver from toxic effects of additive, alcohols, and medications, etc.

Grass fed ghee contains enough dose of saturated fats and that is exactly missed in herbal cooking oils, which makes ghee a better cooking oil that other cooking oils.

Healthy brain need dose of saturated fats

It is scientifically analyzed that grey matter of the human brain is made of good cholesterol and fatty acids, which is a type of saturated fats. Organic grass fed ghee is fully loaded with saturated fats and it is a well-known ayurvedic remedy to add ghee in kids’ diet for natural boost up of their brain power and concentration level. Organic grass fed ghee is good for brain because it is full of saturated fats.

Saturated fats boosts nerve signaling

Nerve signaling is directly related to reflex system of body. Surprisingly, saturated fats can do this signaling job better than any trans-fat based foods. Grass fee ghee is loaded with saturated fats and that is why regular ghee in diet will help you in maintaining a healthy reflex system.

Saturated fats and immunity booster

Saturated fats are good for improving immunity of body. Regular ghee rich diet helps in maintaining strong immunity level and fights the formation of free radicals in body. Throughout the life, saturated fats in diet help in keeping immunity level of body hale and hearty and that is, according to doctors, the healthy way to avoid the onset of carcinogenic diseases to a large extent.

Different types of saturated fats based foods are found in food world, which you can add in diet, for instance meat, dairy products, dark chocolate etc. But vegetarians cannot take meat, and food allergic people hardly can take dairy products and chocolates.

Grass fed organic ghee is a balanced dietary product that can be taken by almost all food sensitive people to enjoy all the privileges of saturated fats.

Add Milkio ghee in your diet to get the leverages of adding saturated fats in your diet.