Grass-fed cow ghee has earned worldwide popularity.

Health freaks are loving this product for its all-rounder health benefits, and modern nutritionists are referring this dairy staple in diet for its several medicinal benefits.

Grandmas were quite knowledgeable about health and wellness and perhaps that is why use to love this milky day in their family diet.

But what made ghee such a super-food?

Ghee is full of nutrients

We mostly know ghee as a great cooking oil that can be used in all types of cooking and against high temperature safely because of its high smoke point.  But very few of us are aware that ghee contains some of the best health friendly fact soluble vitamins like A, E, K, and D.

Pure cow ghee contains short chain and medium chain fatty acids, which are health friendly in different ways. Ghee in diet is helpful for kids to senior citizens, even for the pregnant ladies and toddler kids. But you may wonder that what makes cow ghee so special an all-time favorite of grandma and health freaks.

What is special about grass fed cow ghee

Ghee is a unique dairy product that is free from lactose and casein, and that is why ghee is free from the risk of food allergy even for the lactose intolerant people.

Clarified Butter is produced from the milk butter. Grass fed ghee is produced from the milk of the cows that are 100% grass fed, which helps the cows to produce better quality of milk.

For example, in New Zealand, cows are kept for free grazing under the sun on the green pastures, and the milk quality of these happy cows are anytime better than cows kept in captivity or fed with grains and grass raised with urea or other synthetic chemicals or pesticides.

Grass fed cow ghee is produced from better quality cow milk and that ensures the best quality of milk butter and good quality ghee as its end product.

How to use grass fed cow ghee in food?

Versatility is one of the reasons perhaps that the veteran home makers like grandma always loved to use this dairy staple in the foods prepared.

Ghee can be used in making all types of dishes. It is perfectly suitable for baking, sautéing, slow cooking, deep frying, etc. It is used in raw like butter and can be used in morning beverages.

Grass fed ghee is a shelf stable dairy product, which is easy to store in kitchen and can be stored without the support of refrigeration.

Ghee as a natural remedy

Grandma was happy about ghee that she could have used this dairy product for different first aid treatment.  Dome of the popular uses of Grass-fed cow ghee are:

  • Helping digestion if there is a recurring case of acidity and mild bloating.
  • Ghee with lukewarm water in the morning is good treatment of constipation as well as for detoxification of digestive system.
  • Ghee at night with milk reduces the problem of sleeplessness.
  • Ghee massage is good for skin and hair care.
  • Ghee with black pepper helps in reducing the problem of constipation.
  • Ghee as ointment heals minor wounds, burn injury.
  • It helps in controlling nose bleeding.
  • The oily texture of this dairy fat heals chapped skin, skin crack, and sun tan.

Grass fed ghee is good in pregnancy diet: it is believed that ghee for pregnancy mothers is helpful for reducing labor pain and it helps in balanced fetus development.

The best ghee benefits are available from using grass fed cow ghee variety. However, ghee in diet must be used with strict moderation. What grandma used to stay is completely true about ghee diet. If you enjoy an active life style ghee diet will be vest ayurvedic diet for you for staying fit, fine, and ageless.

Use Milkio traditional cow ghee for enjoying all ghee health benefits.

The product is produced from 100% grass fed cow milk, hence it has all natural potential of ghee. Milkio organic ghee is certified and available online for purchase.




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