Ghee clarified butter: what makes it a superfood

  • September 7, 2021
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Ghee clarified butter is a dairy oil, but unlike dairy products, it is lactose and casein-free. Ghee is butter, but dieticians call it a better butter.

Ghee clarified butter recently has become one of the staples in a health-conscious diet. Not that it’s a marketing ploy or a new diet style, the trend is being supported also by dieticians and nutritionists as ghee has plenty of health potential.

Ghee is clarified butter because this dairy product is more advanced than its butter version. As a result, ghee clarified butter offers a higher smoke point, and it is a dairy that neither has lactose nor contains casein. This is why food-sensitive people can add ghee to their diet without the risk of food allergy, irritation in the stomach, etc. 

Is clarified butter good for health?

Clarified butter is a health-friendly dairy product that can help you to enjoy wellness in diversified ways. Ghee clarified butter in the diet help in keeping the digestive system clean and detoxified.  Ghee contains short and medium-chain fatty acids like Conjugated Linoleic Acid, Butyrate acid, etc. CLA and Butyrate in ghee keep the colon clean; it helps quicken natural weight loss, reduces inflammation, and improves immunity if ghee is added to the diet in moderation.

Apart from internal health benefits, ghee in diet takes care of skin health, keeps hair health good, and offers anti-aging protection if massaged on the face-neck area every day at night.

Ghee clarified butter with warm water/milk at night brings sound sleep and hence acts helpful in reducing the spell of insomnia. All these health benefits will be at your direct access if you control the portion and use a pure and unadulterated version of ghee.

Should you refrigerate ghee?

Ghee clarified butter is a storage-friendly product. Generally, pure ghee does not need any refrigeration support. Ghee that is adulterated with artificial color, preservative, or synthetic flavor may not stay intact unless refrigeration support is provided.

Pure grass-fed clarified butter can stay up to 24 months from its manufacturing date without refrigeration support. You can preserve ghee in the kitchen cabinet, provided the shelf is dry, airtight, and away from sunlight exposure.

Is ghee better than Olive oil?

Olive oil is an herbal product, and ghee clarified butter is a dairy product.   In terms of storage, ghee clarified butter is better than olive oil. Olive oil is cholesterol-free, but ghee contains cholesterol, which becomes a critical concern if you consume a ghee diet without maintaining an active and balanced lifestyle.

Ghee clarified butter is versatile cooking oil, but olive oil is not as versatile as ghee. The ghee recipe may be for veg, non-veg, and sweet dishes, whereas the Olive oil recipe is not that flexible. Ghee clarified butter is the refined milk fat.

Ghee is also clarified butter, an entirely natural dairy staple that you can use for multiple health benefits. Ghee is also called brown butter. Being a milk product, ghee does not cause food allergies because it’s a lactose and casein-free product.

Why ghee is called unique Clarified butter or ghee possesses multiple health benefits.


It can be used in cooking, it can be consumed raw. Ghee can be used externally for manifold skin, hair, and beauty benefits. Furthermore, ghee can be used in medicine because of its curative properties.

Unlike most dairy products, ghee is a storage-friendly item you can store in your kitchen under certain conditions. Besides its use in cooking, ghee can be used in several home remedies. Hence homemakers often prefer to store cow ghee from an old lot in the kitchen.

What is the difference between ghee and clarified butter?

Both ghee and clarified butter are the same; only ghee offers a caramelized flavor, and clarified butter offers a nutty smell. Both are lactose and casein-free, and both dairy products offer higher smoking points, hence health safe for cooking against higher temperatures. Both ghee and clarified butter can be used on the toast instead of dairy butter.

Clarified butter can be stored in the kitchen without refrigeration support like ghee, and both products are photosensitive. In terms of therapeutic effect, ghee is a better choice for Ayurvedic health specialists. 

When should we use ghee clarified butter?

Ghee or clarified butter can be used in cooking as a cooking oil. It is a versatile cooking oil you can use in slow and high-temperature cooking like frying, sautéing, baking, etc. Ghee clarified butter can be used as a taste enhancer for seasoning due to its natural nutty aroma. Besides its use in cooking, ghee can be used raw for adding to hot beverages like tea and coffee, over morning toasts instead of using butter, and as a seasoning on your chicken salad. Ghee is used for making Ayurvedic medicines, hence it is used by ayurvedic specialists.

Does ghee taste like butter?

Ghee tastes different than butter. Ghee emancipates a nutty aroma, and it is light. Alternatively, Butter offers a creamy texture and a rich milky aroma, which is different from ghee. Sometimes butter offers a little salty taste, but pure butter can also be of neutral taste. But pure ghee is never neutral in its flavor.  If the butter is added to cooked dishes, it hardly enhances the palate but ghee added to food dishes tastes better.

Is ghee a Keto?

The Keto diet calls for good fat-based food items to get added to the diet. Pure ghee clarified butter contains up to 64% of saturated fat and that offers high calories.  Ghee works like a filler food if added to food, and it can replace carbs to a large extent.  Those who are following the Keto diet can consider adding ghee to their diet. The good fat content of ghee clarified butter makes it a perfect Keto-friendly food.

Is ghee good in coffee?

Ghee is suitable for coffee if added instead of adding sweetener. It is especially suitable for consumers who are on a weight-loss mission. The higher calorie of ghee converts ghee-treated coffee into an energy drink and a filler food. This filler food controls the hunger pang of the consumers. Furthermore, ghee is loaded with butyrate. If taken in the morning with tea/coffee, the hot beverage works as a mild laxative and keeps bowel movement easy.

For those who are suffering from constipation, ghee in coffee is an excellent natural remedy for them. These are the reasons ghee clarified butter is called a versatile superfood. Researchers have found this dairy food as a power-packed one that helps enjoy the healthy wellness of your body and immunity level. Ghee offers several therapeutic effects that make it a culinary superfood.


Ghee nutrition: a quick view

Ghee Clarified butter is also known as brown butter. Cow ghee is loaded with fats. It contains 62% saturated, 29% monounsaturated, and 4% polyunsaturated fats. One tablespoon of cow ghee offers 135 calories, 15 grams of total fat, 9 grams of saturated fat, and 45 mg of cholesterol.

  • Organic grass-fed cow ghee also contains vitamins A, D, E, and K.
  • This dairy day is a significant source of CLA (conjugated linoleic acid)
  • Ghee contains Omega 3 and 9 fatty acids which are not only heart-friendly, they are friendly for weight loss programs.
  • A considerable amount of natural butyrate is found in cow ghee, which helps maintain colon health.

Ghee health benefits: at one glance

Pure cow ghee offers a wide variety of health benefits. Some of these benefits are:

  • Moderate ghee in your diet helps you to stay energized the whole day.
  • A ghee diet coupled with an active lifestyle aids in maintaining good heart health.
  • Ghee at night with warm water will offer you sound sleep.
  • Having ghee in the diet can cure the problem of constipation and irritable bowel problem.
  • Regular exercise, adequate rest, and a moderate ghee diet are the natural ways to lose extra body weight. In another way ghee support weight loss programs.
  • Cow ghee in the diet promotes stronger immunity.
  • A pregnancy diet with ghee is helpful for a pregnant lady: it contributes in fetus development, easing labor at the time of delivery, and lactation for baby feeding.
  • Ghee promotes natural digestion: restricted quantity of ghee in cooking helps reduce acidity, flatulence, bloating, etc.

Cow Ghee home remedy: wellness from your pantry

  • Ghee massage helps in maintaining excellent skin health. You can massage ghee as a body massage oil at least twice a week. It will improve the shine and softness of your skin.
  • Add pure cow ghee and honey together. Apply the mix to your face at night. It will eliminate all skin blemishes and pigmentation.
  • Gargle with pure ghee and warm water at night to heal your mouth sore.
  • Apply pure cow ghee on sunburn or burn injury: it will soothe your pain and irritation.
  • Use lukewarm ghee on chapped skin: it will immediately heal the sore skin.
  • If you are suffering from unusual hiccups, drink one tablespoonful of ghee at a lukewarm temperature: it will reduce the hiccup problem immediately.
  • Suffering from dry eye syndrome? Try pure cow ghee drop at night.
  • If you are suffering from a sudden nose bleed, pour 2-3 drops of pure ghee into the nostril as the first aid. The problem of bleeding will be checked.

Ghee clarified butter can be used in different ways. The ghee diet benefits people of all ages if moderation can be maintained. Ghee home remedies are natural and have side effect-less holistic treatment for quick relief.

However, you will enjoy the best ghee benefits by using good quality pure cow ghee:  you should always prefer to use 100% grass-fed cow ghee like Milkio’s traditional organic 100% grass-fed cow ghee.

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