A New Zealand based Ghee Company: always ahead of the curve in dairy production

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A New Zealand based Ghee Company

A ghee company is usually known for its expertise and product quality assurance irrespective of its location, but when a ghee manufacturing company is based in New Zealand, you can be sure about the superior product quality. 

The clean green pollution-free country of New Zealand is one of the premium dairy hubs, and well known for producing better quality dairy items like organic desi ghee and cultured ghee, spiced ghee, etc. New Zealand dairy companies produce ghee clarified butter of top-notch quality and these authentic dairy items have created a special niche in the world dairy market.

New Zealand is well known globally as one of the leaders in dairy farming, and as a producer of world-class dairy products. As per statistics, New Zealand enjoys the status of the world’s highest level of dairy self-sufficiency. It has been estimated recently that dairy grass fed cows number in New Zealand is higher than the human population in this country.

According to New Zealand trade information, New Zealand dairy products are exported to more than 150 different markets each year. However, the top five markets for New Zealand dairy in the year 2021 will be China, Australia, the United States, the United Arab Emirates, and Japan, which is going to be an extensive territory. Superior quality products and consistent quality assurance are the reasons behind this monopoly of ghee company of New Zealand.

What makes New Zealand a dairy specialist country?

Easy procurement of raw materials, favorable natural climate, and consistent market demand are the main triggers that have led toward the world’s highest level of dairy self-sufficiency in New Zealand. A small population of the country is another reason behind having open pastures in this country, where healthy grass-fed cows can graze freely. Due to a comparatively small population, the percentage of environmental pollution is almost under control in New Zealand.

Ghee Company
Ghee Company


The green climate is an obvious plus 

The clean and green clement climate, affable soil quality, and plentiful water support of NZ pasture-based dairy farming system take good care of cows and sheep-herd. According to dairy experts, happy cows and sheep offer better quality milk than cows and sheep kept in captivity. In this context, it is worth mentioning that New Zealand’s animal welfare framework has received a number-1(one) ranking in the World Animal Protection’s Animal Protection Index.

Happy cows and their pure and healthy milk quality is the main impetus for any New Zealand based ghee company for their quality production standard for Grass fed cow ghee. Milkio Food is no exception to this legacy.

Overall cleanliness leads to pure food for cattle and better

The natural safeguard of the country from harmful pests and contagious diseases have created a favorable condition for maintaining healthy and happy cow and sheep. This is one of the reasons behind maintaining the best grass diet of the cattle for having the best grass-fed milk quality for premium dairy production, a NZ ghee company is not an exception to this quality adherence.

The dairy industry in New Zealand: a legacy

The dairy industry is one of the most prosperous trade segments in New Zealand. New Zealand’s first dairy processing factory was founded in and around 1875, and the first export shipment of frozen regular butter left Dunedin in the year 1882.

Since then, the dairy industry of New Zealand has followed a path of growth and merging, climaxing in the Dairy Industry Restructuring Act 2001, which started the present regulatory framework for the modern dairy industry in NZ.

The dairy framework contributes a lot

All dairy companies operate under NZ regulatory framework and the framework runs with a strict policy of quality control. The strict monitoring of government and quality-aware framework has created a positive effect altogether making NZ dairy companies highly efficient and productive in the dairy niche.

New Zealand dairy farmers are steadfast to recurrently improving their sustainability. Their efforts to date have comprised fencing over 26,000 km of waterways to exclude cattle, which is the backbone of any NZ-based ghee company as a part of the dairy industry.

Successful animal management 

Systematic animal management is a critical component of NZ dairy farms’ profitability and sustainability. From genetics to herd management and more, the New Zealand dairy business integrates all the sides of farming for maintaining their dairy products quality, which obviously available for both primary and secondary producers in New Zealand.

Grass to milk conversion: Unique feature of the NZ dairy industry

Only around 10% of the world’s dairy cows are maintained solely on grazed pasture. This is an imperative advantage of the New Zealand dairy industry. New Zealand enjoys a climate that, in most regions, grows green grass year-round, and is mild ample that cows can be kept outdoor round the seasons.

This means that the cost of feeding and caring for dairy cows is lower than anywhere else in the world. Alternatively, as cows are fed grass-based fodders, dairy milk in NZ contains more conjugated linoleic acid, hence offers a better level of nutrition in produces milk butter and then pure ghee by cooking this grass-fed butter.

Unique grazing management of the cattle is one of the reasons behind the superior quality of milk in New Zealand, which is the backbone of NZ dairy and its finest Quality.

Obviously, an NZ ghee company gets to enjoy this quality benefit.

Advanced breed of cattle is used in New Zealand

Traditionally, milking is done twice daily in standard farming, but in New Zealand farmers now milk their cows mostly once a day. They have reported a slight decrease in milk production, but experts say that this is counterbalanced by lower labor and operational costs, and obviously better quality cow milk as the dairy raw ingredient which results in producing better quality cow ghee, regular butter, cultured butter, spiced ghee, cultured Brown butter ghee, etc., which are full of saturated fat vitamin, and other health-friendly antioxidants.

Most of New Zealand’s dairy cows are Holstein-Friesians, Jersey cows, or Ayrshires. Holstein-Friesians and Jerseys were hybridized to produce an improved breed of cows that are popular because they are mid-sized, fertile, more robust in health, and produce good milk that is higher in healthy fat and protein ratio and is used for producing premium quality dairy products like traditional ghee, butter, etc. in New Zealand.

The production of dairy products largely depends upon the reliable supply of high-quality sheep and cow milk. Since the 1980s, milk production has escalated in response to the relative productivity of dairy farming in comparison to other land uses in New Zealand.

Milkio: New Zealand based grass-fed pure organic ghee manufacturer

Milkio is one of the leading dairy manufacturing companies in New Zeeland that specializes in manufacturing organic grass-fed quality ghee butter and presently this dairy ghee company has spread their market in different global territories along with steady demand in the domestic market as a leading exporter.

Milkio Foods maintains an extensive product line that includes organic grass-fed cow ghee, grass-fed sheep ghee, lime ghee, garlic ghee, and many more.

Milkio Foods manufactures Grass-fed organic cow ghee and sheep ghee. The Ghee company has wide varieties of dairy clarified butter in its product portfolio like cultured ghee, infused ghee(Lime and Garlic), Himalayan Pink salt Ghee, A2 Organic Grass-Fed Ghee, etc. Milkio organic ghee is BioGro, NZ certified and USDA endorsed for its 100% purity. Milkio ghee is free of milk solids like lactose and casein, hence safe for people with lactose intolerance. 

Milkio grass-fed ghee offers a high smoke point and unique nutty flavor hence is suitable for all types of cooking as a cooking oil. The company maintains a USDFA certified manufacturing facility presently in New Zealand.

Milkio ghee clarified butter products are available for online and offline purchases. Besides brand sale, the New Zealand-based ghee company is also involved in the private label and Ghee contract manufacturing business.

For more information please visit Milkio Foods 

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