New Zealand dairy companies: what makes Milkio food a promising brand?

  • August 7, 2021
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New Zealand dairy companies

New Zealand dairy companies are known globally. Milkio food, a young face of NZ dairy legacy is expanding its business with complete focus on quality & transparency.

In New Zealand dairy companies’ list, Milkio Food is a young enterprise. Established in the year 2016, this small but well organized startup has earned reasonably distinctive popularity in market.

Presently, Milkio has created its strong foothold in New Zealand, Australia, and Taiwan, and shortly will be expanding its business range in USA, India, and Japan.

Dairy industry in New Zealand is globally acclaimed because the impact of this pollution-free clean and green country impacts pure organic effect on all its dairy products. 100% grass fed, happy humpback cows procure quality milk which is used for making Milkio food products.

Milkio vision and values

Quality assurance and ultimate customer satisfaction are the driving impetus of the company Milkio which has ranked it as one of the promising brands in New Zealand dairy companies. Milkio believes in simple formula of doing quality business.  

New Zealand dairy companies
New Zealand dairy companies

Two way business approach of the company includes procurement of the best quality food products like ghee, and nurturing the business process for the customers in a way that they enjoy satisfaction. Besides being a professional business enterprise, Milkio is a socially responsible organization.

The business maintains stringent quality assurance for its food products along with persistent food safety and complete transparency in manufacturing process.

Team Milkio stands by values like excellence, honesty, hard work, transparency, trust, courage, and motivation.

Why Milkio

In Milkio, the drive for bringing the best customer satisfaction coupled with integrated focus on best raw material has created a sustainable promise in the market.

How Milkio works:

  • The company is dedicated to procure the production with safe dairy ingredients resulting in health-safe dairy foods.
  • Team up with consumers to produce greater value
  • Quickly responds to customer needs and suggestions if any
  • Ensure consistent delivery to market.
  • Keeps consistent focus on product development know-hows
  • Unceasingly develop the work force grooming to provide higher levels of customer care.

Product portfolio of Milkio

Although a young player in the list of New Zealand dairy companies, Milkio maintains a versatile product portfolio. 

Currently Milkio produces

New Zealand organic products

Milkio has an expansion plan of its manufacturing New Zealand organic products. The research and development team is working on a wide range of food products like

  • Medium chain triglyceride (MCT) enhanced ghee
  • Sweetened yoghurt
  • A2 ghee (super premium)
  • Condensed milk
  • Whipped butter
  • White buffalo butter

Milkio Promise: commitment to quality

Following the traditional legacy of New Zealand dairy companies, Milkio maintains its complete focus on production process and procurement of best possible raw materials. The company produces 100% grass fed dairy products.

For example, Milkio’s Grass-Fed New Zealand pure ghee is certified by an “AsureQuality Standard” certification which is an independent Conformity Assessment Body accredited by JAS-ANZ, which is one of best accreditation of  New Zealand ghee manufacturers.

Quality product and consumer satisfaction is the core value of Milkio’s promise. As one of the New Zealand Ghee Exporters, the brand Milkio is asserting its presence with a steady market persona. 

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