Cultured Grass fed ghee: power up your daily diet

Cultured Grass-fed ghee is slightly different than usual grass fed ghee, as the manufacturing process is slightly different. Generally, ghee is prepared from milk butter. But instead of milk butter, cultured ghee is prepared from cultured butter, and the initial raw ingredient introduces some specific benefits in the account of cultured ghee. Cultured ghee contains all the premium ghee benefits, but it has some added qualities too for its users.

Regular grass-fed ghee vs. cultured grass-fed ghee

Both regular grass-fed ghee and cultured grass-fed ghee is produced from pure grass-fed cow milk. These grass-fed cows graze on the green pasture and are fed on grass and grass-based fodder. As a result, grass-fed cow ghee contains more Conjugated linoleic acid than non-grass-fed cow ghee and some more nutrients than grain-fed cow ghee. In the manufacturing of cultured ghee, instead of normal dairy butter, cultured butter is used for churning cream out it.

The fermentation process works uniquely for the making and processing of cultured ghee. In this process, the lactose in cow milk gets converted into lactic acid and that completely eliminates the presence of lactose in cultured ghee. Ghee does not contain any live culture but as cultured ghee contains lactic acid, it offers a soothing effect on the digestive system if it is added to the diet.

People who are not dairy sensitive, may not find any additional advantage by adding cultured grass-fed ghee in the diet, but people with food sensitivity and lactose intolerance, will find cultured grass-fed ghee clarified butter a better option for their digestion support.

Colon clearing effect by cultured grass-fed ghee

Cultured grass-fed ghee is rich in butyrate as it contains butyric acid. The presence of butyrate in the diet works as a gut cleanser. Cultured ghee in the diet is a natural remedy to keep your colon clean and healthy. Are you suffering from irregular bowel movement? Add grass-fed ghee in your diet and you will feel relaxed in a natural course. Butyric acid in ghee stands responsible for ghee’s natural laxative quality and detox support for human body.  

Cultured ghee as a fat burner

Gone are those days, when ghee was a taboo in a slimming diet! It applies especially to the people pursuing the weight loss diet programs. Presently, the new role of ghee in weight loss is quite contrary to the old concept. Ghee has shown a massive come back as a proven natural food with the power of natural weight loss and celebrity dieticians are endorsing ghee for staying slim, fit, and naturally curvy. The saturated fats in cultured ghee works fantastically as a filler food and these good fats can stop hunger pang and reduce calorie intake.

Cultured ghee is an immunity booster

Grass-fed cultured ghee is a nutritious dairy food and it contains some fat-soluble heart friendly vitamins, along with beneficial fatty acids like omega 3, and 6 fatty acid, conjugated linoleic acid, and friendly ingredients that helps in boosting immunity. Other than gut management, butyric acid in ghee reduces inflammation of the body and that again helps in maintaining a stable stomach too. Ghee in the diet is an easy way to boost your immunity and stay protected from general diseases.

Cultured ghee is good for bone health

Grass-fed cow ghee contains K2 and it helps in the absorption of calcium from food. Also, K2 can extract calcium from arteries and guard bones with the extracted calcium. Cultured grass-fed ghee is good for bone health and it offers flexibility for bone joints.

Furthermore, ghee in the diet help in maintaining eyesight and brain health. A moderate quantity of ghee in the diet helps in preventing memory disorder, improves concentration, etc. It is a natural detoxifier that extracts toxins from our body, strengthens our digestive system, and keeps the health system protected from outside contamination.

The high smoke point of ghee is a definite benefit

Grass-fed cultured ghee offers a higher smoking point, and it anytime higher than other common cooking oils. Ghee remains stable against high-temperature cooking like deep-frying, baking, sautéing, etc.

Unstable cooking oil can introduce free radicals in the body, whereas ghee prevents free radical formation and reduces the risk of cancerous disease in the body to a large extent. Cultured grass-fed ghee is a safer cooking oil than any other cooking oil available in the market.

Cultured Ghee is shelf-stable

Pure grass-fed ghee is shelf-stable. If you use cultured grass-fed ghee, you will get to store it in your kitchen at least for 12 months from the date of manufacturing and you don’t need to have refrigeration support for your ghee storage. You can safely buy cultured ghee in bulk quantity.

Cultured grass-fed ghee by Milkio Foods is the USDA certified 100% pure dairy product.

Milkio Manufactures the ghee clarified butter from 100% grass-fed cow milk in New Zealand. It is free of color, flavor, and all types of chemical preservative. Milkio cultured grass-fed ghee is available for online purchase as well as in retail shops worldwide.

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