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Cultured ghee sound different than usual ghee, which means it is different than usual ghee.

The prime difference between normal ghee and cultured ghee is their making process and the starter ingredient. Usually, in making normal ghee or brown butter, it is cooked from milk butter but if it is about cultured ghee, it is made from cultured butter.

Cultured butter is prepared from milk and it is a process of natural fermentation. But cultured ghee does not contain any live culture or bacteria. Although there is no bacterial in it, the fragmentation phase in the manufacturing process makes it more digestion-friendly. It is not probiotic in its true sense of the product definition, but vulture ghee works like a probiotic that helps in digestion and it aids in healthy colon management.

100% pure, Cultured butter is used for making grass-fed cultured ghee. Cultured butter is converted into cultured cream for making cultured ghee. It is a lengthy but authentic process, and it is the ayurvedic process of making the best quality ghee, which is digestion-friendly and enriched with several therapeutic benefits if used in the diet.

Digestion friendliness vs. fermentation process

The fragmentation phase of cultured ghee making converts lactose in cultured cream into lactic acid and that makes the ghee zero lactose product. Lactic acid is digestion-friendly and safe for the consumption of lactose-intolerant people. Cultured ghee contains lactic acid and that is why it works as a safe dairy product for the consumption of milk-sensitive people.

In the normal ghee making process, ghee manufacturers boil dairy butter, and in the process of boiling milk proteins like lactose and casein get eliminated.

In this process, ghee becomes lactose-free but in the fermentation process, because of the chemical reaction, entire lactose gets eliminated and turned into lactic acid. If digestion friendliness is the result, the fermentation process of the cultured ghee is the reason behind the result that makes this dairy product 100% safe for diet regardless you are lactose intolerant or not.

cultured ghee

Cultured ghee offers a high smoke point

Like regular ghee cultured organic ghee offers a higher smoking point. It is 485° Fahrenheit and that makes it safe for high-temperature cooking. You can use cultured ghee for baking, gourmet cooking, etc. and it stays stable unlike most of the cooking oils. As a result, cultured ghee acts as a safer cooking oil.

It is shelf-stable

Cultured ghee is shelf-stable. You can preserve it in the kitchen without refrigeration and cultured ghee will remain unharmed for 12 months from its date of manufacturing. However, you have to preserve cultured ghee is a dry dark shelf away from the light. Cultured ghee is photosensitive as light exposure generates moisture in the jar, and that spoils the ghee quality.

Cultured ghee – What are the main health benefits of using cultured ghee as diet?

  • Cultured grass-fed ghee is digestion-friendly but this is not the only quality of this dairy product. It has some other benefits too, which are interesting enough.
  • As cultured grass-fed ghee contains butyrate, which is a well-known natural supplement for colon care.
  • Cultured ghee in the diet help in keeping the colon healthy. People suffering from constipation or irregular bowel movement will find cultured ghee in their diet as a comforting remedy for colon care.
  • Cultured organic grass-fed ghee in the diet helps in reducing inflammation. It contains CLA and CLA helps in natural weight loss. This ghee in diet works as natural energy food for the diets pursuing a weight loss program.
  • Ghee is a memory booster. Add it in diet and it will improve your brain function. It is good for kids and aged people as in both cases the ghee in the diet favorably boosts brain health. Perhaps the good fats in ghee nourish brain cells and improve their performance.

Milkio Cultured organic grass-fed ghee is prepared from 100% grass-fed cow milk and it is the USDA certified 100% pure product without any color, preservative, and flavor.

It is a NON-GMO and organic endorsed product by BioGro, New Zealand. Milkio cultured ghee is available in organic and grass-fed qualities and it is available now online and in the regular retail market for purchase.

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