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Ghee offers higher smoke points than common cooking oils.

Pure ghee offers a smoke point, which is 250 °C (482 °F), and it is higher than any common cooking oils.

It means ghee acts more stable against high-temperature exposure than cooking oils like sunflower oil, canola oil, rice bran oil, etc. For high-temperature cooking, (deep-frying, baking, sautéing, slow cooking) ghee (clarified butter) is a better choice as the risk of generating free radicals in the body remains under better control.

Now if the question is “what is the smoke point of ghee”, the smoke point is also called the burning-point of the oil.

It is the temperature at which an oil/fat gets broken and starts producing a nonstop bluish smoke that becomes noticeable. Higher the smoke point of the oil, it is a safer option for healthy cooking, and especially it works well for controlling the cardiac health of people, leading a usually active and balanced lifestyle.

There are three immediate benefits of the high smoking point of ghee. These are,

  • Versatility is cooking: Because of the high smoking point, you can use ghee in cooking different dishes.
  • More stability for culinary use: It’s stable against high-temperature cooking.
  • Health friendly cooking oil: This is a safe cooking oil that offers plenty of health benefits.

Only pure ghee clarified butter offers a high smoke point. If the ghee contains impurities, the smoking point cannot be as high as pure ghee.

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