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Ghee smoke point is anytime higher than other common cooking oils and fats.

However, every cooking fat and oil maintains individual smoking point, which means under certain temperature the fat starts burning. The temperature that makes smoke out of the oil on heat, is called the smoke point or burning point. Smoking point differs from one to another.

How the smoking point matters?

When an oil is heated beyond its smoke point, it generates toxic fumes and free radicals which are extremely harmful to your body. If you’ll be cooking over 320°F but still want to gain the health benefits of your cooking oil, you must opt for cooking with pure ghee.


Every oil you cook with has a certain smoke point. This is the reason, when an oil is heated enough, it begins to smoke and then it breaks down. At the time of breaking down, it starts to turn into more oxidized. These oxidized parts of the oil may induce damage to cells inside your body, and it is popularly believed that these are the trigger of creating free radicals in body increase the risk for developing cancer.


This makes oil with lower smoke point comparatively unhealthy for cooking. Alternatively, cooking oil with higher smoke point like ghee is a healthier option for your culinary feast.


What is the smoking point of ghee?

In terms of safe cooking and higher smoke point, ghee is an excellent choice for you because smoke point for ghee is quite higher than most of the cooking oils.

The ghee smoke point temperature is 485 degrees Fahrenheit, which is much higher than other cooking oils. For instance, if we compare the smoke point of butter vs. ghee, burning point of butter (smoke point) is only 350 degree F, which is much lower than pure brown butter.


Higher smoke point of ghee is helpful in cooking at least for three awesome reasons.

  1. Ghee smoke point: higher the count more is versatility

Due to the higher ghee butter smoke point, it can be used in different types of cooking. Other than slow cookery, ghee can be used for deep frying, sautéing, baking, etc. As clarified butter smoke point is comparatively higher than butter and other cooking oils, pure brown butter can be a more versatile cooking oil in your kitchen.

  1. Smoke point for ghee: it is more stable for cooking

Higher smoke point of ghee makes it a stable cooking oil. Ghee is free of harmful trans-fats unlike other vegetable oils.  According to Ayurveda, pure brown butter is better because it is healthier for cooking than the use of butter or other common oils.

  1. High smoke point of ghee: Less risk of inducing free radicals in body

Most of the cooking oils show low smoke point, and that is the reason they break down even at lower temperature while cooking and generate free radicals. Free radicals are harmful agents that may cause deterioration in the body as well as increases the risk of inducing carcinogenic diseases.


High smoke point of milk fat is free of the risk of generating free radicals in body.

These are the three unique benefits of ghee smoke point. It will help users in enjoying stable health and feel good benefits of ghee in these three ways that will offer them both short term and long way benefits.


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