butter for the Keto: which is the ideal one?

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Butter for the Keto: what’s the ideal choice?  It is a stark dietary concern for the keto followers.

Buter for the keto diet is a reliable fat source for initiating ketosis in the body. But what kind of butter is the ideal choice for keto diet? If you are a follower of the keto diet, you will be wondering about it surely.

Keto diet asks for inclusion of good quality fat in diet to reciprocate the low intake of carbohydrate foods.  As butter contains up to 64 % of fats, butter can be a good source of fats for keto. But is it that easy an option? What is the best butter for the keto diet?

Butter contains lactose and casein. These two compounds are little allergy invoking. It has been diagnosed that people with lactose intolerance cannot consumer butter. But clarified butter (ghee) is  apt for  dairy allergic people as it is a lactose and casein-free dairy. That is why keto dieters nowadays prefer to use clarified butter as a safer option to add it to their diet.

There are other reasosn too.  Ghee butter is a better butter for the keto diet  for 3 reasons.

  • Ghee does not contain lactose and casein whereas butter contains lactose and casesin.
  • Ghee offers a higher smoke point than butter: in keto recipes, ghee butter is a safer choice.
  • Between ghee and butter, ghee is more storage-friendly.

Why grass fed butter is better?

Grass fed butter is a specific type of ghee butter. This type of butter is produced from 100% grass fed cow milk. It has been proved that the cows maintained on green pasture, without captivity, and fed on grass and grass forage offer better quality nutritious milk in comparison to cows maintained in captivity and grain-fed.

When we say grass fed butter, it is meant that the milk butter is produced from the grass fed cow milk-butter and it is superior in its quality. Butter is not free from the risk of food allergy, hence clarified butter is a better butter for the keto diet.

How to use clarified butter in keto diet?

In comparison to normal milk butter, clarified butter is more suitable in keto diet plan.  This versatile dairy staple can be used in cooking as well as it can be used raw. For example, you can add one teaspoon clarified butter in your morning tea or coffee for making a it a delicious fat based energy drink to start your day fresh.

You can add clarified butter in your morning toast as spread as a healthy substitute to milk butter for the keto diet. You can drizzle ghee butter on your chicken salad as a tasty seasoning.

You can add clarified butter in your keto recipes as your cooking oil.

In comparison to dairy butter clarified butter offers higher smoke point, hence you can use this improved butter for baking, barbeque, sautéing, seasoning, deep frying, and slow cooking with better oil safety.

The most delicious part of using clarified butter for the keto diet is its result leading to versatile health benefits. Clarified butter is a type of butter with plenty of leverages and although it is derived from milk butter, it is more consistent a product for the consumers.

Health benefits of clarified butter for keto diet

Clarified butter has lots of health benefits to offer for its users. Let’s check them to understand the benefits of adding ghee butter for the keto diet plan.

Weight loss support: people follow keto diet in order to lose unwanted body weight. Clarified butter in diet helps in reducing the calories intake. Also this filtered butter in your keto diet helps in controlling hunger pang.

Flushing out toxins from body: Clarified butter is a natural detoxer. If you add clarified butter in your diet it will supply you loads of butyrate that will reduce the problem of constipation. With regular bowel movement, weight reduction and removal of extra fluid in body becomes easier to achieve.

Cholesterol management becomes easier: with clarified butter in your keto diet, you will gain a unique quality of bad cholesterol control. Ghee in diet is helpful for treating the harmful LDL cholesterol

Clarified butter contains nutrients: Clarified butter contains several vitamins, Omega 3, 6 fatty acids, and sufficient quantity of Conjugated linoleic acid for helping in an organized and specific way that keep health and its internal organs perfectly performing.

Smooth digestion: Ghee butter for the keto diet is a stimulator of regulated health system which results in better fitness and improved wellness of your body and soul.

what kind of butter for the keto
What kind of butter for the Keto

If you need to use butter in keto diet planning, you can start your keto and fat diet combo with Milkio #ghee, which is made in New Zealand, from 100% grass fed cow milk Milkio grass fed clarified butter will offer you all the ghee benefits. #Milkioghee (clarified butter) is now available online for purchase from Amazon.com, Walmart.com. For details, please check Milkio E-Commerce. 

 If your question is What kind of butter for the Keto is ideal, it can be wisely answered that only clarified butter is a better option for adding in the keto diet plan.

If you are looking for best grass fed ghee butter for making your keto recipes, you should opt for New Zealand made dairy products. For instance, Milkio Grass fed ghee is from pure New Zealand and it is a Non-GMO verified, USDA cerified pure dairy roduct available for online Purchase. Check Milkio E commerce for online availableity depending on your geolocation.

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