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Ghee for joint pain: Get rid of joint pain with Ghee treatment

Ghee for joint pain is a common Ayurvedic remedy. There are different reasons behind using ghee as a holistic medicine. But have you ever thought the reason why ghee helps in reducing joint pain?  

In fact it is not a ghee magic, pure cow ghee possesses some medicinal qualities: getting rid of joint pain is one of them.  

How ghee helps for joint pain?

Ghee diet and ghee massage are the two ways to avail ghee benefits for reducing joint pain in body.  It’s not an overnight pain management remedy but with regular use of ghee for massage and ghee cooked food in daily diet, you will get to improve the problem for sure.

How ghee massage helps?

It is an external way to offer muscle relaxation. Add turmeric powder in lukewarm ghee and gently massage the joint areas. Apply some hot compression with this massage.

  • The massage will help you in reducing the unusual inflammation and will ease the pain.
  • Gheecontains (CLA), which is Conjugated Linoleic Acid. It is a metabolism-controller micronutrient that is known for its reducing capacity of unusual inflammation. 
  • According to Ayurveda, massage with ghee helps in boosting the efficiency of sensory organs, as well as it improves skin health, and heals the pain in bone joints.

How ghee diet helps in joint pain management?

Ghee contain multiple vitamins like A, D, E, and K2. Vitamin A and D are known for improving bone health.  For obvious reason ghee in food is supportive for improved bone health if taken with balanced diet and active lifestyle.

  • Pure cow ghee contains vitamin K2, which helps in improving the capacity of body to absorb calcium. Calcium stands responsible for boosting bone strength of body.
  • Ghee in diet is helpful for passive improvement of bone health.
  • Accumulation of toxin in muscles is one of the reasons of joint pain in human body.
  • Ghee diet supplies CLA and butyrate in health system, which clears toxins from body by regular bowel movement and by maintaining healthy colon.
  • Ghee in diet helps in maintaining the flexibility of joints for the hydrating effect of this dairy product. Stiffness of joints is one of the reasons behind joint pain.  Balanced ghee diet helps in enhancing the natural flexibility of joints.
  • Osteoporosis is one of the reasons behind the joint pain in human body.
  • The risk of developing this bone-disease gets enhanced with increasing age. Ghee in diet is a definite way to combat the joint pain due to Osteoporosis.

 Ghee for joint pain: how it helps?

The moderate intake of cow ghee helps in boosting bone strength and physical stamina of body. The fat-soluble vitamins is cow ghee help in maintaining bone strength, which reduces the problem of bone weakness.

It has been observed that if cow ghee is added to diet at a sustained level, it improves the general immunity of human body against several disorders by developing strong body tissues. It also helps sensory organs to work properly. Ghee for joint pain remission is best felt if the ghee intake is assisted by regular exercise, adequate rest, and balanced diet, etc.

Ghee is a dairy staple and can be used for cooking safely. You can use raw ghee diet with strict moderation. It is a shelf-stable dairy product, which you can store in your kitchen without refrigeration.

Final conclusion

Using good quality cow ghee is prerequisite for enjoying all ghee benefits, external and internal. However, all ghee brands that proclaim their best quality may not be good enough, hence ghee benefits also get compromised.

Use 100% pure grass fed cow ghee to avail best ghee for joint pain management.

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