Ghee nutrition facts – 7 Nutritional Information and Amazing Health Benefits

  • June 25, 2021
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Ghee nutrition facts

Ghee Nutrition Facts make us all understand the various health benefits achievable. In a world where people are suffering from obesity, usually, ghee becomes the first food item to discard because of its higher fat count.

But the catch is ghee is recommended as one of the best dairy staples that help control body weight. Not only obesity, but the saturated fat content in this dairy staple can also work as an excellent colon cleanser and an immunity booster.

This cooking oil’s saturated fat and other nutrients play a vital role in offering ghee nutrition value. The nutritional advantages have made ghee-clarified butter a safe and superior dairy product to dairy grass-fed butter.

Knowing ghee’s nutritional benefits, we can use the same to exploit different ghee health benefits. While weight loss is one of the most interesting cow ghee health benefits, this dairy delicacy can offer you many other healthy dietary supports that surely promote your well-being. 

Ghee health benefits

Ghee-clarified butter’s health benefits are not any magic. It happens due to the best ghee nutrients in pure and organic ghee butter.

If you include pure cow ghee in your diet, you may expect to enjoy some exciting benefits on your health; however, moderation and an active lifestyle are the two requisites for assimilating the incredible health benefits of clarified butter nutrition in your favor. However, ghee benefits are available only for pure and grass-fed clarified butter. 

  • Ghee helps in maintaining heart health and helps in keeping tight control of harmful cholesterol counts.
  • Ghee keeps bones strong.
  • Ghee helps in maintaining hair and skin health. 
  • It helps brain care: Pure ghee in the diet prevents memory-related diseases in aged people.
  • The dairy item reduces colon problems and reduces the problem of constipation: butyrate content in ghee works in favor of the colon. 
  • Cow’s Ghee is an immunity booster. 
  • The dairy staple is a natural hydrator: ghee in the diet helps maintain the excellent hydration level of the skin and internal tissues. 

The ghee nutrition facts and benefits 

If we analyze and closely view the list of nutritional elements is obtainable from a tablespoon of desi ghee, then we will be amazed for sure about Ghee Nutrition Facts.

An estimation of ghee nutrition is possible when we can read the benefits of the nutritional content of ghee. By analyzing the Ghee Nutrition Facts, let’s check what makes ghee a nutritious cooking oil.

  • Calorie count: 120 kcal
  • Saturated Fat: 9 g
  • Trans Fat: 0 g
  • Total Cholesterol: 35 mg
  • Protein: 0 g
  • Polyunsaturated fat: 1g
  • Various vitamins like A, D, K, and E
  • Ghee is mainly saturated fat-based cooking oil. It has no carbohydrates.
  • Milk solids get wholly removed from regular butter, making it milk protein-free.
  • Ghee-clarified butter contains butyric acid made of short-chain fatty acid, a natural supplement for maintaining a healthy colon.
  • Clarified butter contains healthy fat, so the ghee’s smoke point is higher. It makes ghee butter cooking fat safer than its herbal counterparts, like coconut, sunflower, olive, etc., and vegetable oil.

So, these nutritious components that pure ghee holds stand liable for the excellent health benefits of this dairy delicacy.

Moreover, according to the ghee nutrition facts, good HDL cholesterol obtained from this liquid fat is one best heart-friendly ingredients that contribute to maintaining a healthy heart for people leading an active lifestyle if they add ghee to their food in moderation.

Let us look at the various benefits we can have due to these ghee nutrients.

The benefits of fat-soluble vitamins

Ghee is rich in fat-soluble vitamins A, D, K, and E. The health support of these vitamins stands behind complete ghee nutrition facts. 

  • Vitamin A helps enhance cellular growth, healthy teeth, and bone. It promotes good eye care.
  • Vitamin D: Improves absorption of calcium and avoids body inflammation. It ensures reasonable control over heart health and prevents hypertension and thyroid malfunctioning. Vitamin D helps in maintaining healthy teeth, bones, and muscles.
  • Vitamin E: Improves the process of wound healing and helps the immune system. Takes skin and hair care. It has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Vitamin K: Helps to have better blood-clotting activities. It improves the body’s healing capacity and improves the human body’s immunity.

Ghee Nutrition Facts: contributes to 7 incredible health benefits

Best for eyes

If we look at the ghee nutrition facts, it is easy to understand that it benefits our eyes because of the presence of vitamins A and D.

According to a review published in the Journal of Biological and Scientific Opinion, ghee has Rasayana properties that make it ideal for preventive ophthalmology. When ghee gets mixed with other herbs and drugs beneficial for the eyes, it results in better absorption in the retina and cornea, enabling better eye treatment.

Vitamin A and D is one of the reasons behind the medicinal eye healing property of ghee oil that Indian Ayurveda had recognized pretty long before. You can use pure melted ghee in your eyes. It is a beautiful natural medicine for dry eye syndrome.

This means having a healthy heart.

Knowing about ghee nutrition facts and benefits is suitable for rising above some misconceptions and using ghee to have better health like the presence of omega-3 fatty acids, Omega 9 fatty acids, conjugated linoleic acid in ghee, etc. These elements are heart-friendly and make dairy ghee an ideal food substance for promoting a healthy heart. However, people with cardiac disease should not use ghee without a doctor’s recommendation. 

Source of good cholesterol

According to ghee nutrition facts, the rise of harmful LDL cholesterol is not influenced by adding ghee butter to your diet if you can maintain moderation. Instead, it helps develop good HDL cholesterol and a healthy heart. However, an active lifestyle, a healthy diet, and regular exercise are prerequisites to enjoying the ghee diet for healthy heart health.

The best source of butyric acid

Our intestine generally produces many short-chain fatty acids; butyric acid is one of them. Research has shown many health benefits of this butyrate compound. Ghee is a rich source of these short-chain fatty acids. 

Due to butyric acid, ghee acts as a natural laxative that helps flush toxins out of the body. The presence of butyric acid in this dairy cooking fat, ghee recipes, and ghee in the diet helps ease the irregularity of bowel movement in constipated people. 

Have the best digestion.

According to the American Journal of Drug Delivery and Therapeutics, the nutritional constituent of ghee lubricates the gastric lining and helps to have the best digestion.

Ghee in the diet help in improving metabolism. It reduces the tendency to bloat or flatulence. 

Ghee in your food helps in the secretion of gastric juice, which helps in faster digestion.

Ghee helps in shedding body weight.

Pure cow ghee contains loads of saturated fat. When ghee is added to your food, the fat content works as a filler food. The CLA and Omega fatty acids in the ghee butter promote natural weight loss. However, ghee in the diet checks hunger pangs and restricts calorie intake, which naturally supports weight loss. 

In the Keto diet, ghee is a healthy source of fat, which helps promote body weight loss.

Enhance appetite

The nutty flavor of ghee makes your dishes tasty, and your family members will love to eat those. Besides enhancing flavor, ghee butter also acts as the best nutrient transporter.

So, knowledge about ghee nutrition helps us have various health benefits we were unaware of.

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