Organic ghee and green pasture

  • June 30, 2021
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Organic ghee and green pasture: how both are related in a productive way

Organic ghee and green pasture are two symbiotic terms stands responsible for each other’s quality.

Organic farming is important for maintaining the organic quality of a dairy product. According to dairy industry, a dairy product is labeled organic when the raw material is procured from an organic farm only.  

Let’s take the example of organic ghee. Organic ghee is produced from the organic butter and the organic butter is made from the cow milk of an organic firm. In New Zealand, a dairy farm has to maintain some restrictions to get the accreditation of an organic farm, free maintenance of the cows on open green pastures is one of the conditions, an organic farm has to maintain. This is the way organic ghee and green pasture are related to each other.

The advantages of maintaining cows on open pasture

When cows are allowed to graze on the green pasture almost year around, they mostly get their foods based on the green grass. Green grass (silage) being the best natural food for dairy cows as grass based diet offers plenty of energy, loads of protein, and abundant quantity of fiber that helps in maintaining sound rumen health and it maintains superior quality milk yield.  It is a proven fact that cow milk collected from cows maintained on green pasture is of better quality than cow milk collected from captive cows fed on grains and other forage. This is one of the ways organic ghee and green pasture works for each other.

What makes green grass so good for dairy cattle?

Green grass initiates beneficial fermentation, where grass sugars are converted to acids. These organic acids protect the nutritional worth of the offered silage by stopping decay of microorganisms from using the nutrients. When you catch the ensilage procedure right, you are offering cattle a dietary product that cows find delicious and  it has negligible nutritious losses in contrast to the original pasture.

Organic dairy farming depends on natural diet of the cows

It is unstated that milk from cows fed on substantial quantities of foraged grass comprises higher parts of UFA and CLA than cows that are fed on diets mostly made of preserved forages, concentrated supplements, and grains. Limited information is accessible for the comparison of pasture-based and TMR feeding systems on the configuration and quality of raw milk over an entire lactation season, however, it is globally believed that grass fed cow milk is more nutritious that grain fed cow milk, and that makes a sensible relation between organic ghee and green pastures where better quality dairy manufacturing is concerned.

Farming practices are chiefly commanded by a specific region’s climate and local resources. For example in New Zealand, which is facilitated with a moderate climate, the farming is mostly based around the use of open pasture as a low-cost prime feed source. Typically, in pasture-based feeding systems, cows are maintained outdoors grazing fresh pasture during the warmer months. Dairy products like ghee resulting from pasture-based systems are accepted by consumers to be more natural because of amplified animal welfare and natural protection of the environment. This is one of the ways organic ghee and green pastures act related to each other.

How free grazing cow milk is assessed as a better quality dairy raw ingredient?

It has been observed globally that cows maintained in captivity produce milk that can be nutrition compromised than the cows maintained on open pasture year around. The countries where dairy farming is mostly managed on the open green pasture are known for producing better quality cow milk, which is the source of better quality raw material for producing quality dairy products like ghee.

Organic farming and green pasture is linked

According to Australian and New Zealand organic dairy farming standard, the cows has to be kept green on the green pastures, i.e., outdoor for majority of the year which helps the in enjoying environment enrichment.  Free farming of cows on green pasture helps in maintaining cress free cattle and that helps in producing better quality cow milk and higher quality milk butter for making organic ghee.  This is the reason production of organic ghee and green pastures for cattle farming are two related conditions in dairy industry.

Animal welfare is one of the basic needs of organic farming

It is completely proven that positive and pristine environment and natural grass based diet for cows make them happy, stress free, and better quality milk producer. Animal welfare protocols are to be maintained in getting a ghee product organic certified.  Maintaining cows on natural environment is one of the pre-requisites of animal welfare, which is a pivotal point in organic farming. 

This protocol clearly defines why and how organic ghee and green pasture is closely related.

In order to get organic certification, you have to maintain some pre-set conditions against a product.  When a product is called organic certified, it has to be done by a certified authority, and quality of the organic product has to be at par the organic standard. This close relation exactly defines why both organic ghee and green pasture are closely related factors. If green pasture is the platform, organic ghee (dairy) is the produce (result).

Milkio Organic 100% grass fed cow ghee is produced from 100% grass fed cow milk and the milk is procured from the listed organic farms of New Zealand.  Milkio organic ghee is certified by BioGro NZ, and BioGro is New Zealand’s one of the biggest and best-known certifier for organic produces and products. Milkio organic cow ghee is available in regular shops as well as for online purchase

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