Organic cow ghee: the right choice for the people of all ages

  • July 27, 2021
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Organic cow ghee is being counted as the modern super food that you can store in your kitchen for a longer time.

You can cook almost all dishes with this dairy product. Ghee works as a cooking oil and a taste enhancer in cooked foods.

But this is not the whole story about ghee that has attracted global focus on this dairy staple. Modern nutritionists and dieticians have started recommending ghee in diet for versatile health benefits. Body weight control is one of them.

Ghee and weight loss benefit seems to be a contradictory notion because we often connect high fat and gaining weight directly with each other. It is a traditional concept that more you add fat in your diet, you will gain more body weight. But things are different in reality.

Health freaks are now using high fat foods for controlling their body weight. High-fat diet works as a filler food and it controls hunger pang in a natural way, this reduces calorie intake. Ghee works as a filler food too as it contains up to 64% good quality saturated fats.

Furthermore, ghee contains omega 6, 9 and CLA. CLA is a unique medium chain fatty acid. All these organic compounds are proven remedy for natural weight loss and perfect figure management. It is no wonder that tricky use of ghee in diet will offer your faster success in hassle-free body weight management.

But how to use ghee for faster body weight loss?

The plus point of ghee in diet is its taste enhancing quality, high calorie, and healthy fat content. In fact the qualities of ghee, which were counted as the adversity of this cooking oil, are the reason behind ghee benefits on obesity management.

  • You can start using cow ghee in cooking instead of any common cooking oil and you will get to enjoy advantage of ghee nutrition.  Pure ghee contains vitamin A, D, E, and K, which are heart-friendly and promoter of strong immunity.
  • You can use ghee with lukewarm water in the morning to keep your body detoxed. Detoxified body helps in faster body weight loss.
  • Organic cow ghee in the diet helps in reducing internal inflammation of the body organs and that helps in body weight loss.
  • Ghee with milk at bedtime is a fantastic way to pump out toxins from body with regular bowel movement. Excretion of extra fluid is a sure shot way to reduce some extra body weight.
  • Use ghee in morning tea and use ghee calories as a filler food.

Do and don’ts with ghee diet

It is rightly said that overuse of anything is not good for health and wellbeing. Same is applicable for ghee use. Organic cow ghee should be used with strict moderation and with a few easy to follow terms and conditions.

  • Sedentary life style and ghee diet is a strict NO. You should couple organic cow ghee diet with an active life style only.
  • If you are adding ghee in your diet, reduce intake of carbs in your diet. Allow your body to burn your body fat to stay slim.
  • Always take adequate rest at night. It will help faster weight loss from your body.
  • Do not skip breakfast.
  • Eat protein to stay strong and enjoy physical activities every day.

Premium Organic cow ghee benefits other than body weight control

  • Moderate ghee in diet helps in maintaining strong immunity and boosting bone health.
  • Ghee in cooking reduces constipation and promotes systematic digestion.
  • Pure ghee in moderation in daily diet helps in controlling bad cholesterol in blood.
  • Organic cow ghee in diet helps in maintaining excellent hair health and skin glow.

Why organic ghee?

Organic cow ghee is pure in all its aspects. Truly certified organic ghee is preservative free, color free, synthetic flavor free. As produced by traditional ghee making method, organic cow ghee is 99% lactose and casein free, which makes it risk-free of lactose allergy.

Want to have pure organic cow ghee in your daily diet? Get Milkio traditional cow ghee for your kitchen and try for a healthy fusion of ghee diet with your active life style. Ghee diet, regular exercise and balanced life style will help you to go slim faster than any other slimming courses or crash diet.

Modem nutritionists are now recommending organic cow ghee for maintaining a healthy system.

Organic cow ghee has been identified with multiple health benefits that are not only interesting, these benefits are truly inspiring and can improvise lifestyle of people of all ages with considerable improvements.  

Organic cow ghee holds loads of nutrients. It contains vitamins, antioxidants, and health friendly short and medium chain fatty acids that offer multifaceted health benefits for lifestyle modification with positive effects. In fact, it is safe to say that cow ghee in moderation is helpful for health improvement for people of all ages.

Organic ghee is good for growing kids

Organic cow ghee helps in different ways for the growth of a baby.  Regular dose of Grass fed cow ghee in diet works for a versatile medicine for the grown up kids.

  • It helps in faster digestion.
  • Cow ghee in diet helps in boosting concentration level.
  • Organic grass fed ghee helps in boosting memory power, etc.
  • If given in daily dose, it can help in maintaining bone health, boosting immunity level, and quick digestion.
  • Lactose intolerant kids can get milk nutrition from organic ghee: cow ghee offers them lactose free dairy nutrition for complete wellbeing.

Organic grass fed ghee for pregnant women

Grass fed ghee is widely prescribed in pregnancy diet. According to Indian Ayurveda, organic cow ghee in diet helps in the healthy development of fetus in mother’s womb.  

It has been proved that ghee is diet helps in:

  • Helping overall brain development of fetus.
  • Reducing the bout of pregnancy, typically common in pregnancy period.
  • It is commonly believed that ghee in pregnancy diet eases the complexity of labor.
  • Its nutritional content helps in improving baby’s health overall.

It is good for elderly people

 Organic Cow ghee offers plenty of health benefits, which can help elderly people to live and lead a healthier life. However, doctor’s consultation and dietary monitoring is essential for adding grass fed ghee is the diet of elderly persons. Over all, inclusion of moderate cow ghee is diet helps in different ways like,

  • Trouble less digestion.
  • Reducing the trouble of constipation.
  • Boosting the immunity level of body.
  • Improving flexibility of bone joint.
  • Helps in memory boost and keeps the risk of age related diseases like Alzheimer minimized.
  • If coupled with exercise and proper rest, cow ghee added to diet helps in reducing the risk of cardio diseases.

Cow ghee is good for middle aged people

In an average, early youth to middle aged people take the highest work pressure. This is the time for professionals to shine in their career, students to complete their professional study and career development courses, etc.

Not only is it a hectic period, it is demanding too in terms of maintaining physical strength, stamina, and good immunity power.  

Healthy lifestyle is always good for maintaining good and stable health unless there is any chronic physical ailment.

If you are in your middle age and you are concerned about your health and wellbeing in a natural way, adding nz ghee in your diet is an easy but natural way to boost physical strength and day to day performance.

Moderate ghee in diet helps in:

  • Maintaining good immunity level.
  • Ghee is a safer cooking oil that helps to stay away from carcinogenic disease to a large extent.
  • NZ Cow ghee helps in maintaining healthy insulin resistance.
  • Organic cow ghee is rich in butyrate and that is helpful for maintaining healthy gut and regular bowel movement: those are suffering from irritable bowel syndrome and constipation will find ghee as their natural medicine to control these lifestyle diseases.
  • Omega-3 and Omega-6 helps in memory boosting.
  • Regular ghee in diet helps in improving fertility in women and sexual virility in men.
  • Obesity has become a mid-life crisis globally. Moderate inclusion of organic cow ghee in diet helps in natural weight loss. The CLA in cow ghee helps actively in weight loss if lifestyle is coupled with exercise and sufficient rest.

It can be safely concluded that organic ghee is a health friendly food ingredient that can be added in different types of foods. Because of high smoking point, cow ghee can be used in deep frying, sautéing, baking without any risk of generating free radicals in health system.  

It is therefore overall beneficial to add organic grass fed ghee nz in diet: it is helpful for people of all ages. 

Milkio grass fed ghee is produced from 100% grass cow milk in traditional process under best possible hygienic conditions.

You can use Milkio grass fed ghee is all types of cooking and it is shelf stable under recommended condition.

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