Organic ghee diet during pregnancy: keeps the mom and kid healthy

  • July 12, 2021
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Organic ghee during pregnancy

Organic ghee is a well-known dairy food that is commonly prescribed mostly in Asian countries during pregnancy. It is believed that consumption of good quality ghee helps a carrying mother in getting a healthy baby.  But is it true or it is only a myth? Let’s take a close view of this popular idea.  

Organic cow ghee is loaded with multiple health benefits. During pregnancy the carrying mother needs added nutrition so that she can help her fetus to grow and get matured in womb and at the same time she (the mother) can stay hale and hearty. Research on this issue has expressed positive opinion about ghee benefit during pregnancy if it is added to the pregnancy diet.

Ghee helps in smooth digestion

It is clinically proven fact that grass fed ghee is loaded with several nutrients like vitamins, omega fatty acids, minerals, and some health friendly antioxidants. For natural reason, these nutrients offer balanced nourishment to a pregnant mother. Ghee aids in digestion, which is an added advantage of adding moderate quantity of cow ghee in pregnancy diet.

Pregnancy induced constipation can be reduced

During pregnancy a woman faces lots of hormonal changes in her body. As the result of this hormonal change, some physical irregularities like recurring spell of constipation often start sprouting. Ghee works as a natural antidote of this issue.

Grass fed ghee contains sufficient butyric acid, which is a gut friendly medium chain fatty acid, which offers intrinsic health support for hassle free colon cleansing.

Ghee initiates proper baby development

It is medically proven that grass fed cow ghee consumption is beneficial for fetus’s growth. If a carrying mother starts ghee diet, she will get to enjoy great ghee benefits. This added calories and nutritional base of cow ghee is helpful for growth of the fetus.

Nourishing effect on body

Dizziness, nausea, mood swing are some of the pregnancy induced complications that over all makes a pregnant lady out of her mind and it lacks the exertion of general strength. These nourishing qualities are rightest support in pregnancy for safe delivery.

Nurtures the body:

Moderate consumption of organic ghee induces a carefree feel-good mood and accordingly it relieves undue stress.  Furthermore, it is one of the most natural and healthy ways to nurture the body and also for keeping it warm and resilient.

Organic ghee is a healthier and helpful diet option for a pregnant woman in comparison to buffalo or any other synthetic ghee. However, Ghee is high in calorie count and that is why it is wise to add it under the prescription of a dietician according to your age and body weight.

Common Myths popular about ghee consumption during Pregnancy

There are many myths about ghee consumption and its benefits in pregnancy. However, the most popular once are narrated here.

Myth 1:  Cow Ghee greases vagina and helps in smooth delivery

There is no logical support but it is a popular conception about cow ghee consumption in pregnancy that the oily nature of ghee lubricates vaginal doorway and it ease the delivery of the baby. Regardless it is helpful for the same reason or no, but ghee is helpful for pregnancy diet for its nutritional value and support for mammalian gland.

Myth 2: Ghee stimulates contractions, and is, therefore, recommended for pregnant women who are overdue

Grass fed Ghee possesses purgative properties because it is laxative in nature. It is believed that ghee helps in smooth delivery of the fetus. However, it is always wise to seek permission from your doctor regarding the quantity of ghee to be added to diet safely.

How to add ghee in your pregnancy diet

You can add organic ghee in pregnancy diet in three ways: you can cook veggies with organic ghee, you can add ghee in roti and parathas, and you can have organic ghee in milk at night before bed for a good night’s sleep. According to Ayurvedic treatment milk and ghee at night helps in smooth delivery of the baby.

These are all about adding ghee in pregnancy diet. However, you must take organic grass fed cow ghee in the diet of a carrying mother with best care and health tracking.

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