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  • July 6, 2021
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Organic Cow Ghee Price is always a bit on the higher side.

But there are hundreds of reasons behind it. Straightway we can say that an organic ghee is a premium product, hence it is costlier than other common ghee varieties.  You may ask now, why organic ghee is a premium product.

Organic ghee is unique because it is cooked in a unique way and it is prepared with unique ingredients. Only organic milk is used for organic ghee production. But organic ghee is available only in organic dairy farms because producing organic milk is an extensive process of organic dairy farming. 

What is organic dairy farming?

Organic dairy farming is an agri-business that is done with holistic approach.  Unlike conventional dairy business here cows are maintained with a focus on their wellbeing. In organic dairy farm cows are allowed to roam on the green pasture where they can graze around. In short animal welfare is taken as one of the most important points in organic farming for maintaining stress free happy cows in stable.

In organic dairy farming, cows are never treated with antibiotics or hormonal medicines. They are given green grass mostly, and grass-based fodders in their feed. As a result of grass-feeding, organic milks are found rich in beta carotene, CLA, etc.

In organic dairy farming, organic grass is served. Soil management of the pasture is important. As one of the standards of the organic farming, farmers cannot use chemical-based fertilizer, pesticides, etc. at least for the last three years before cultivation of green grass in that pasture.

For all these standard maintenance obligation, organic dairy farming is costly than conventional dairy farming. For obvious reason, organic milk is sold in costlier price than its non-organic milk variety.  Organic Cow Ghee Price gets higher accordingly because it is produced from costly organic milk only.

What are special qualities of organic milk?

Studies have examined chemical differences in the composition of organic milk compared with conventional milk. A comprehensive review published in 2012 on the available data from studies published from 2008 to 2011 observed that organic dairy products usually contain suggestively higher butyrate, total quantity of omega-3 fatty acid, linoleic acid, etc. than those of conventional milk produced products. The study also explored that organic ghee products contains higher omega-3 to -6 ratio than the conventional milk-products. Compared to conventional dairy farms, organic milk farms manufacture considerably less milk per cow and more cost to operate. This is one of the reasons, organic milk is costlier than conventional dairy milk. Organic cow ghee is made from organic dairy cow milk and organic cow ghee price gets higher in market.

Taste and benefits of organic cow ghee is higher

Consumers have expressed their opinion in the favor of organic milk in terms of taste. In comparison to non-organic milk, people have found the organic variety testier and ghee prepared from this tasty milk  produced better quality dairy ghee that is better for health, good to eat, and supportive for leading a balanced active life.

Organic Cow Ghee Price
Organic Cow Ghee Price


As organic milk is free from the antibiotics and hormonal treatment medicines residues, perhaps the purity impacts on the organic milk products, which is organic cow ghee.  Organic ghee offers longer shelf life than non-organic ghee, and that is one of the advantages of using organic cow ghee. 

In terms of smoking point, organic cow ghee offers higher smoking point than any unadulterated ghee’s smoking point, which means organic ghee is a safer option for cooking. For all these benefits, despite higher organic cow ghee price, consumers prefer to buy organic quality cow ghee.  

Organic ghee products are certified pure

When a product claims to be organic, it is all about its authentic certification. No manufacture can claim their ghee organic unless it is certified by an organic product certifier with proper reputation.  Milkio Organic ghee is certified by BioGro, the leading product certifier of New Zealand. The certifier company endorses a dairy product as certified organic when the product is duly examined, analyzed, and audited record-wise if it meets the quality of an organic product.

Organic Cow Ghee Price
Organic Cow Ghee Price

A certified organic ghee product is a premium item, which consumers can blindly trust about its quality.  This is one of the reasons, organic cow ghee price is higher than other non organic ghee products in the market.

Organic ghee is a premium category product

Organic ghee is pure and as a unique dairy product is photo sensitive. For longer shelf life, organic ghee is generally packed in light resistant ghee jar, which consumers can store in kitchen at ease.  Organic ghee packaging is done with best possible care for transport and shipment.  

Organic cow ghee is suitable to use in preparing ayurvedic medicines. The good quality fats in ghee works as a natural absorber and its pure quality does not react with any medicinal ingredients. Organic ghee is the best holistic in its quality, and highest quality assurance in maintained at the time of manufacturing this premium product. 

Why Milkio Ghee?

  • Milkio  organic cow ghee is produced from 100% grass-fed pure cow milk
  • The milk is purchased from the organic dairy farms of New Zealand with complete traceability of the ingredients sold.
  • Milkio organic ghee is certified by AsureQuality and BioGro, NZ: also Milkio organic ghee holds USDA Organic standard, which means the product complied with the USDA standard of 95-100% purity
  • Milkio Organic ghee is HALAL and KOSHER certified
  • It is a storage-friendly product: after production Milkio Organic ghee stays up to 12 months intact in the kitchen without refrigeration support.
  • Milkio Organic cow ghee is more nutrients-rich than any non-organic ghee in the market.
  • Organic ghee from Milkio offers high smoking points and it is suitable for all types of cooking.
  • Milkio Grass-fed organic ghee is available in the USA, Australia, Taiwan, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Egypt, Singapore, Thailand, Japan, and New Zealand markets, as well as in online shopping portals for purchase.

Milkio organic cow ghee price is not high. It is justified and offers the consumers the best value of money.

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