How to make organic ghee at home: dairy making at home

  • August 14, 2021
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How to make organic ghee at home is an exciting knowledge to learn.

How to make organic ghee at home is a popular query.  Culinary enthusiasts often love making ghee at home, but making organic ghee at home is not easy. It is not about the making process; it is all about using the raw material made following rigorous organic benchmarks.

Some strict parameters decide the quality of organic ghee.  The organic quality of ghee is not only a matter of purity. If ghee is organic or not, it is decided on its raw ingredients and above all, on the stringent quality maintenance of dairy farming. 

In producing organic ghee, the process of making organic ghee at home comes later. Before the process, the dairy cow’s diet and the feeder grass’s production process have to be considered.

According to the organic quality parameter,

  • Cows involved in organic dairy farming will be grass-fed.
  • The grass used for cow feed has to be cultivated in an green pasture without the use of any chemical fertilizer and pesticides
  • The pasture of the organic grass cultivation has to be without the use of chemical fertilizer for the last three consecutive years, at least
  • How to make organic ghee at home is not about the making process, but the purity of the raw ingredients involved in making ghee matters the whole
  • Not only the cultivation of the grass is strictly maintained according to the organic benchmark; the farmer has to keep all the documents ready about his organic farming. This is done to maintain the organic claim of the farming and an organic farm can be audited and inspected at any time by the organic certification authority to maintain strict quality control.
  • In the course of calling a product organic, the point of animal welfare of the dairy cattle has to be taken into count. It has been observed that happy cows can produce better quality nutritious milk. 
How To Make Organic Ghee At Home
how to make organic ghee at home

The protocols of organic farming are:

  • Cows are allowed to graze on open pasture almost round the year, exactly as their natural habit
  • Cows are not given any antibiotics and GMO-based feed
  • 4 principles of organic farming soil management, the health of the cows, care of ecology, and complete transparency, are maintained here
  • It is observed that cows maintained in organic farming offer better quality and nutritious milk than the cows kept in captivity and instead of grass if they are grain fed. If you want to know how to make organic ghee at home, you need to focus entirely on its raw ingredients, where the cow milk for making ghee butter has to be collected from an organic dairy farm only.
  • Organic farms are listed in every country. So whenever you buy raw ingredients for making ghee at home, you have to be sure that your raw ingredients and all the features of organic farming must be fulfilled. Ghee made of organic quality milk can only be claimed as organic ghee, which is difficult to collect at home.

How to make organic ghee at home: Certification of organic ghee

A dairy product is tagged as organic when it is authentically certified. Some dependable organic product certifier does this certification, and the certifier company does the edit before certifying a product as organic.

For example, BioGro is one of the leading organic product and service certifier companies in New Zealand. When a ghee product is certified by BioGro, the product certification is considered an authentic one.  If you even know how to make organic ghee at home, arranging certification for the product may not be a viable enough idea. 

Making organic ghee at home may seem a grand idea for expert homemakers, but how to make organic ghee at home is complicated planning.  Arranging certified organic raw materials can be a daunting task, and making organic ghee can be a complicated process without having the best quality raw material.

How to make organic ghee at home: Benefits of organic ghee

Organic ghee is a pure dairy product and offers plenty of health benefits.  Organic labeled ghee contains more nutrients as organic milk comprises more nutrients than non-organic milk. Organic ghee contains more Conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), which has benefits like weight loss, maintenance of the heart, as well as healthy digestion, etc.

Furthermore, this premium dairy product is more storage-friendly than any unadulterated version of ghee. It can be added to the diet of pregnant women and senior members, etc., in moderation for health and wellbeing.

Health benefits and natural benefits are the two reasons homemakers often love to make quality ghee at home. Homemade ghee is a nutritious item, but these homemade delicacies cannot be labeled as organic ghee as organic ghee product parameters cannot be fulfilled in the homemade method.  Therefore how to make organic ghee at home is a complicated proposition.  

Organic Ghee
organic ghee

It’s, therefore, easier to buy good quality organic ghee from reliable ghee manufacturers. Also, you can check the name of the product label’s certifier to ensure its reliability. Therefore instead of learning how to make organic ghee at home, it is better to search and find a quality product for your kitchen. 

Are you looking for good-quality organic ghee for your use? Try Milkio organic grass-fed ghee. The ghee is procured from imported grass-fed cow milk fat and is manufactured by following the traditional ghee-making process. Milkio organic ghee is certified by BioGro NZ, which is one of the premium organic product certifiers in New Zealand.

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