Ghee contract manufacturing: a safer bet for a new business

  • June 24, 2021
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Ghee contract manufacturing: a safer bet for a new business

Ghee contract manufacturing is the new and promising B2B business module that has 2-way potential. In one way, it can increase the business volume of a dairy ghee manufacturing company. Secondly, the contract manufacturing process functions as a profitable business scheme for a new company willing to do business with ghee.

There is a fine line of difference between private label manufacturing and contract manufacturing. While the private label is a plug and plays a business option but contract manufacturing is a DIY option for the formulation of a new ghee product. Ghee contract manufacturing is, therefore, a product production plan in bulk for some other company.

Why contract manufacturing is preferred nowadays?

Contract manufacturing is purely the outsourcing of the product manufacturing process to another company. The owner company provides the requirement of the product along with exact units of the ghee products to be prepared. The contract manufacturer generally does not have any say in changing the formula of the products, so contract manufacturing is only the process execution.

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In the case of ghee contract manufacturing, the manufacturing company prepares ghee according to the specification of the ordering company. For example, an ordering company may order “high aroma” or “standard aroma” dairy ghee products. In Milkio Food, the company accepts ghee contract manufacturing orders from companies across the words for making different types of ghee from their product portfolio.


Advantages of availing ghee contract manufacturing process

  1. Ghee Contract manufacturing is an attractive business option for those who are planning to lessen marketing risk and maximize their operational efficiencies in dairy ghee marketing.
  2. Lower marketing risk. The production run is prepared according to supply against the order for specific ghee quantities. In Milkio Food, the production process is arranged according to the proposed ghee quality, like organic grass-fed cow ghee, or grass-fed sheep ghee, etc.
  3. Economies of scale. The contract manufacturer usually accepts the bulk orders. They also usually work with many customers and accept bulk orders from each of them according to their (clients) requirements. This means that the contract manufacturer can maximize economies of scale. In Milkio Food, ghee contract manufacturing facility is provided for domestic customers as well as for international customers with the same integrity.
  4. Advanced skills. Since the producer reserves no responsibility for using his skill as well as resources on marketing, logistics and other business actions linked to functioning a brand while manufacturing the ghee clarified butter, they get involved in developing their production skills on improving manufacturing processes, refining quality and this in lowering total costs. Milkio Food offers the highest quality assurance on their ghee products produced sadist ghee contract manufacturing agreement with clients.
  5. Quality of the product. Under the Ghee contract manufacturing agreement complete adherence is maintained to the ordered specification of the product. For example, In Milkio food complete quality control is assured on the ordered items to retain customer contentment and consumer satisfaction.

What is the best utility for contract manufacturing?

The idea of contract manufacturing is to empower the client to get one apparently insignificant task off their hands and also for saving quite a hefty amount of financial resources in the process. The contractors have the essential substructure and manpower to begin the production process and help the client in expanding and meeting global demand.

What to Look for in a Contract Manufacturer?

Below are some of the most desired features of a contract manufacturer: Milkio Food adhered to all these specification features as a skilled ghee contract manufacturer.’

  1. Good, clean, and well-managed facility: Milkio manufacturing facility is USFDA certified.
    ( which means the facility meets specified quality standards)
  2. Ability to be adaptable and completely flexible according to customer demand
  3. Supportive with the hiring firm
  4. Extremely treasured in the market for product quality
  5. Financial security and credibility enabled
  6. Milkio ghee is 100% grass feed and certified organic ghee: Milkio ghee is certified by BioGro certified
  7. Milkio Ghee is Halal certified and Kosher certified.


Contract manufacturing, although it offers lower margins, is a safer play for a marketing company so it is the same applies to ghee contract manufacturing projects of Milkio.

However, if you are ready to take the marketing risks of a quality ghee product in the market and plan to business with a quality brand, it is a perfect bait for you.

Milkio products are already there in markets of the USA, Australia, Taiwan, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Singapore, Thailand, Japan, Egypt, and New Zealand through the different business associates.

The company is working in the International ghee contract manufacturing niche for a time now. Worldwide where the demand of grass-fed cow ghee and sheep ghee is going up every day, Milkio ghee contract manufacturing service is a boon for the consumers as well as for the marketing pro companies willing to cater Milkio products for marketing in their initiatives.

Want to start the ghee contract manufacturing process? 

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