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Buy Organic Ghee With 7 Smart Shopping Clues

Buy Organic ghee: 7 smart shopping tips

Buy Organic ghee: shop smart with pro tips To buy organic ghee, you should first know what it is and why it is trusted as superior dairy ghee. When we decide to buy organic ghee, we find the cost is higher than non-organic products. Have you ever thought about what is unique about organic quality ghee? Some basic details about organic ghee will help you understand this dairy product’s superiority. It will also explain to you why it is a better option to buy organic ghee. According to dairy professionals, organic ghee is of exclusive quality. Organic products, whether cultured ghee or non-cultured ghee, are free of preservatives, synthetic colors, artificial flavors, etc. Organic products are made of the best raw ingredients of organic quality. Hence, it offers the best health benefits naturally. In the case of organic ghee, it has to be an organic certified product, and it must be made from the best quality raw material, i.e., pasture-raised organic butter, which is certified organic. But is it the only reason to buy organic ghee? Let’s check why organic ingredients are significant in quality assessment. Buy Organic ghee: The relation between organic farming and organic ghee  Organic dairy farming is a relatively new concept, a derivative of the organic farming movement in England. In organic dairy farming, dairy animals are not kept in captivity, and dairy farmers feed them with silage-based food and green grass.  In an organic farm, only grasses are used as fodder. Organic grasses are cultivated in pastures, which are not treated with chemical fertilizers, manures, and pesticides for at least three consecutive years to maintain natural soil fertility. Animals in an organic dairy farm are never given the dose of antibiotics or medicines for hormonal treatment, etc. As a result, these cows offer cow milk full of natural goodness, free from toxic chemicals and synthetic residues generally found in non-organic farm-produced milk. Organic ghee does not contain the slightest trace of toxins, as only natural products are used in cattle grooming and organic dairy farming. The best quality raw ingredients are one of the reasons to buy organic ghee instead of ghee in the general category. Dairy cattle in an organic farm are not captive. Pasture-raised cows can roam on the green pasture and under the natural climate so that their feed at least (30%-60%) mainly comes from grass from the green pasture. Dairy surveys and research show these happy cows offer better quality milk. These cows live naturally and stay stress-free by enjoying animal welfare benefits. Authentic Ghee manufacturers collect organic milk from organic dairy farms. When you buy organic ghee, you can be sure about its traceability. You can trust what you are having in your diet.  Why organic ghee is better for your body? Organic ghee is a pure dairy oil produced from organic grass-fed butter and cultured butter. You can use organic ghee for both cooking and in medicinal therapeutic purposes. For a longer shelf-life, ghee can be stored without the support of refrigeration. It offers a higher smoke point of 485º F, ideal for high-temperature cooking on deep-frying, sautéing, grilling, baking, roasting, etc. Fat-soluble vitamins in ghee offer dietary support for immunity boosting. Organic ghee is pure in all aspects; hence it is better to buy organic ghee to access the best ghee benefits. From nutritional aspects, organic milk contains more Conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), Omega-3 fatty acids, beta-carotene, and higher sensory properties. Unlike conventional dairy, organic cow milk does not contain Hormone residues, traces of antibiotics, GMOs & solvents, etc. For simple reasons, ghee prepared from organic milk is a better option for diet and therapeutic use. The superior quality justifies the consumer’s concern why buying organic grass-fed ghee. Milkio Ghee, with a higher smoke point, is a healthy substitute for cooking oil or butter and is free from milk solids. It is particularly suitable for high-temperature cooking like deep-frying, baking, and sautéing. It is pure, so it is suitable for seasoning various salads. Milkio ghee contains all the goodness of organic dairy farming, such as healthier fat composition, medium chain fatty acids like CLAs, and a high quantity of beta carotene. It is of golden yellow color, which is natural and shows a higher quantity of beta carotene in the raw milk. The processing stages of the ghee making preserve the grass-fed goodness of the raw material directly into the final product.  Is there any relation between organic & grass-fed-ghee? Grass-fed ghee is produced from good quality grass-fed cow milk only. If the cows are fed with organic grass, and the grasses are not chemically or artificially manure treated, then you can say that cows are eating organic grass. So we can say that all grass-fed ghee is good quality clarified butter, but all milk butter is not produced from grass-fed cow milk adhering to almost all the organic recommendations. Organic grass-fed ghee is a guaranteed and certified buying option, which explains all ways why to buy organic ghee. Milkio ensures that each pack of Milkio Ghee is perceptible and trackable, which simply explains the benefits of buying organic ghee.  Buy Organic ghee: Is organic ghee healthy for the consumers? Ghee offers multiple health benefits, and so is organic ghee. Organic ghee is pure in its content and enriched in multiple nutrients like several fat-soluble vitamins, antioxidants, and health-friendly fatty acids. Some premium organic ghee benefits include stimulating digestion, regulating inflammation, supporting weight loss, and strengthening the bones. So if you add organic ghee to your diet in moderation, it will offer you all these health advantages for your natural well-being. Do you still have confusion about why to buy organic ghee? Researchers have observed that the low count of Linoleic acid supports further avoidance of conventional feeding in these cows. Further, the ratio of Omega 6 fatty acid and Omega 3 fatty acid also promotes the organic claim. Furthermore, the uniform golden yellow color of the ghee indicates the high beta carotene content in the Ghee, and it affirms … Continue reading Buy Organic ghee: 7 smart shopping tips