Is ghee healthy? What makes ghee a healthy heart promoter?

  • September 7, 2021
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Is ghee healthy? It is a common dilemma of ghee users.

As Ghee is fully loaded with saturated fat, it’s a relevant question that how far the fat-loaded dairy is helpful and healthy to consume. Almost all leading dieticians believe that ghee in the diet is a healthy option for people of all ages with an active lifestyle.

When We all know that fat-based foods are not good for heart health, or they function as the trigger behind obesity and high cholesterol, how can we call this milk fat a 21st-century superfood? so a question comes out that is ghee healthy?

Let’s close view ghee clarified butter and learn the benefits it can add to your health advantage.

Is ghee healthy? Is ghee good for heart patients?

Ghee, also known as the clarified butter, is a reliable source of saturated fat. It has been chemically analyzed that pure cow ghee contains around 64% saturated fats, 25% monounsaturated fats, and 5% polyunsaturated fats. Saturated fats functions as heart-friendly for people with general health.

Saturated fats in cow ghee contain easy-to-digest short-chain fatty acid almost 89% and around 3% linoleic acid. Because of linoleic acid content, clarified butter offers antioxidant protection for the heart and ensures a natural guard from harmful free radicals in the body that prevents carcinogenic diseases in the body to a large extent.   

Modern nutritionists are offering presently moderate ghee diet remedy for people with general health as ghee in the diet is a proven remedy to reduce the risk of cancer and heart disease. So the answer to the question, is ghee healthy comes as yes, but moderation is important. 

How much ghee can I eat per day?

There is no fixed formula for ideal ghee consumption. However, it may differ from one person to another depending on their age, lifestyle, and general health, etc. However, on average, a healthy adult human may have three teaspoons (15g / 1 tablespoon) of pure clarified butter per day to enjoy all the ghee benefits. Preferably one teaspoon of pure milk fat, 2-3 times a day will serve adequate.

However, the best benefit of using ghee in the diet is its versatile use. You may use ghee as healthy cooking oil or you can use it as a healthy butter substitute. You can use ghee in its raw condition on morning toast, making ghee-treated bulletproof coffee, or as a seasoning for salad. You can use ghee as a taste enhancer in your cooked dish.

Is ghee healthy? How can ghee help in weight loss?

Yes, if you add ghee in your diet, and you maintain moderation, ghee works as a high-calorie filler food. It helps in natural weight loss as it works as a filler food and inherently restricts calorie intake. Furthermore, pure ghee contains a few essential amino acids, which contribute to destroying the fat and absorbing the fat cells to shrink in size. Then is ghee healthy enough despite it contains fat?

Not only ghee is a reliable source of memory-booster omega-3-fatty acid and Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), but it is also found loaded with omega-6 fatty acid and conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), which is a proven natural supplement for healthy weight loss. It answers the question is ghee healthy in its favor.

is ghee healthy
is ghee healthy

Research and intense study have proven that Omega-6 fatty acids can aid in increasing lean body mass and simultaneously in decreasing fat mass, which in turn, results in natural and healthy weight loss as well as in supporting a meticulous weight management scheme. Similarly, omega-3s contribute actively to losing the waistline and aids in shedding body fat.

Is ghee healthy? 

According to Ayurveda, ghee is a healthy dairy, which works as nourishment for the body and brain if taken in moderation and if you lead consistently an active life. Nutritionists agree that as ghee is loaded with essential amino acids, it helps mobilize fat cells for producing energy. Ghee, despite its fat content, can be treated as a healthy dairy staple, which you can incorporate in your fat loss diet with portion control. Is ghee healthy? The answer is yes.

Consumption in moderation and the use of pure ghee in the diet are the two prerequisites for enjoying ghee health benefits.

Is pure ghee good for cholesterol?

Yes, ghee can help you in controlling harmful cholesterol in the blood if you can maintain the moderation key. According to health experts, if you make up at least 10% of the diet with pure ghee, it can reduce harmful cholesterol by triggering an improved secretion of biliary lipids.

Despite the bad reputation of fats for triggering obesity, saturated fats are essential for adding to diet as good fats help in improving immunity, and it helps in keeping viral infections at bay. Is ghee healthy for cholesterol control really?

Based on the recent research and study, pure cow ghee doesn’t seem to impact the LDL cholesterol levels very much. If your LDL cholesterol level tends to increase in response to high saturated fat intake, you may plan to limit your ghee intake to 1-2 tablespoons per day.

Why cooking with ghee is safe for health?

Pure cow ghee offers a higher smoking point, which is 482° Fahrenheit. As a result, pure ghee stays stable against high temperature. You can safely use ghee for high-temperature cooking like baking, sautéing, slow-cooking, and deep-frying, etc. Is ghee healthy? The naswer is yes, because it is a stable oil.

This stable oil functions safe as its tolerance power against higher temperatures, and there is a lesser risk of ghee getting burned. Ghee hardly produces free radicals in the body, which is a natural preventive for getting cancerous diseases induced in the body.

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Is ghee good for coffee?

Do you love enjoying butter coffee? If yes, you will like ghee coffee too. It will offer you the benefits of butter coffee without the risk of food allergy. When you will add ghee to coffee, the high-calorie ghee with its nutty aroma will add a spark, and the high calorie and caffeine combo will up your energy level. Is ghee healthy? yes, its good for making fatty coffee for weight loss support.

Ghee coffee works as a filler food and can control hunger pang naturally, thus reduces the total calorie intake for weight-loss program participants.

is ghee healthy: Is ghee Keto?

Ghee is a Keto-friendly food item. Keto diet calls a high-fat and low-carb diet plan. Ghee in a Keto diet plan works as a reliable source of fat. You can try pure cow ghee for making the Keto recipe. You can add raw ghee in morning tea and coffee to add more calories to it and have the beverage as an energy drink. Also, you can use ghee as a raw ingredient in the Keto diet plan by applying it on your breakfast toast instead of using dairy butter. Is ghee healthy for lactose intolerants? 

Lactose intolerant people can use ghee in the Keto plan instead of using butter, as pure cow ghee is lactose and casein-free and does not invoke the problem of food sensitivity generally.

Can you store ghee in your kitchen?

Ghee or brown butter is a storage-friendly dairy product and you can preserve pure cow ghee for 18 months in your kitchen from the date of manufacturing of the product without the support of refrigeration.

However, you have to store ghee in a glass jar preferably with dark color, and you should keep the jar away from humidity (moisture), unwanted exposure to heat, and direct light. The use of a wet and unclean spoon and a touch of a human finger is detrimental for maintaining ghee quality for a long.

If you want to preserve ghee in your kitchen for more than 12 months, after opening the jar, you may consider keeping it in your refrigerator. However, it is always wise to check the manufacturer’s storage recommendations for ghee storage. 

 Is ghee healthy: Is ghee a superfood?

Dieticians and nutritionists are appreciating pure ghee for its manifold qualities. Ghee offers lots of health benefits; for example, it aids in digestion, reduces acidity in the digestive system, improves immunity, boosts concentration and brain power, relieves the problem of constipation, helps in weight loss, etc.

It is lactose and casein-free, and that is why does not pose the risk of allergy in lactose-intolerant people. It is good to add in food as well as you can consume it in raw but is ghee healthy enough?

For all is health benefits mostly, it is called a 21st-century superfood.

Is ghee healthy? although the naswer is yes, nothing extra is beneficial. The rule applies to pure ghee too. As ghee contains lots of saturated fats, you should consume ghee in moderate quantity in your diet.


Our milk comes from a good place. Trust in the quality and safety of New Zealand dairy products stems from our integrity as a country. New Zealand is open and transparent and has earned trust the world over. New Zealand’s robust regulatory framework has built global confidence in our food safety and quality.

Source: NZ story

Is ghee healthy


Is ghee healthy is a complicated question because there are some conditions underlying. Maintaining good heart health with ghee is a good remedy, however, a ghee diet has to be coupled with an active lifestyle, moderation, and regular supervision of a medical professional for your heart health.

There are three main ways to keep your heart healthy. 

One is keeping body weight at control, regulating cholesterol count in blood, and supplying antioxidant support to heart health. Pure ghee can offer you all these three benefits. Then the next question comes up, is ghee healthy?

Ghee health benefits are conditional. You have to maintain restriction in quantity, and purity is another prerequisite for enjoying all the ghee benefits. While moderation or portion control is within your easy reach, you have to find out a pure ghee product for your pantry.


If you want to bring a pure cow ghee product in your kitchen, you may go for buying Milkio organic grass-fed ghee. It is a pure New Zealand product, and the product is manufactured from pure and 100% grass-fed cow milk.

Milkio Grass-fed ghee is a 100% natural product without any chemical color or flavor adulteration. The dairy product is free of a chemical preservative, and the purity of Milkio Organic cow ghee is certified by USDA. Milkio Organic cow ghee is a Non-GMO product, and it’s organic and Non-GMO claim is validated by BioGro New Zealand.

Is ghee is healthy is a serious concern for ghee consumers. If you can maintain restriction in quantity, for quality assurance on purity, you can trust Milkio organic grass fed ghee.

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