How to make clarified butter ghee?

  • July 6, 2021
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How to make clarified butter ghee?

How to make clarified butter ghee is all about the ghee manufacturing process.It is important know-how because the quality of ghee largely depends on the ghee manufacturing process.
In a homemade process, you have to boil dairy butter in a thick-bottomed boiling pot until the boiled butter evaporates its moisture content, and the milk protein part (consisting lactose and casein) gets completely removed in the form of precipitation at the bottom of the boiling pot.

The yellow oil that remains residue in the boiling pot, is the clarified butter ghee.

You can collect it in an airtight bottle by straining the liquid by an oil filter cloth/strainer. This is called the Desi ghee preparing method.

Clarified butter ghee is prepared in the commercial process also.

There are four commercial processes to prepare good quality clarified butter ghee other than the desi method, and these are the Direct Cream Method, Creamery Butter Method, Pre-stratification Method, and Continuous Method.

The continuous process is used for the batch method and bulk production of ghee.

Apart from the Indigenous method, the selection of the manufacturing process is important because it helps in maintaining the quality of this dairy staple.

Creamery Butter Method is quite popular because this process is almost the same as the authentic desi or Indigenous ghee manufacturing method.

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