Calories in a tablespoon of butter

  • June 28, 2021
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Calories in a tablespoon of butter: how it differs from clarified butter

Calories in a tablespoon of butter are quite high but it is not as high as in clarified butter. One tablespoon of butter offers 102 calories and in comparison to that, one tablespoon of ghee offers 120 calories.

Although both the product are made from milk, and both are appraised as dairy products, there are some steep differences between butter and clarified butter.

The calorie count is one of the differences between these two dairy products. Calories in a tablespoon of butter but ghee clarified butter is high in calories, and it is a better choice as a filler food. In terms of calorie count, ghee offers some specific advantages for consumers.

Higher calorie count helps in restricting calorie intake

Calories in a tablespoon of butter are quite high and weight watchers may not feel happy with it. If you are on a healthy weight-loss mission, adding ghee in the diet is a better option than having butter in the diet. As ghee is higher in calorie count ghee in food can suppress hunger pang for a longer period than butter.

In addition to this facility, butter contains some milk proteins like lactose and casein. The presence of lactose and casein in food may induce allergy for lactose intolerant people, which is not applicable for ghee clarified butter. Ghee is free of allergy risk, whereas butter is not.

High calorie of ghee keeps you warm within 

The high-calorie count of ghee helps maintain body temperature from the inside. This is an ideal food ingredient for the wintry season. Because of the high-calorie count, clarified butter works as a reliable source of high energy as ghee calorie count is higher than the calories in a tablespoon of butter.

This is good for maintaining the stamina level in the body. In comparison to butter, ghee works better for an active life, and it happens because one tablespoon of ghee calories is higher than the calories in a tablespoon of butter.

 High ghee calorie helps in weight loss program

  1. The high calorie of ghee helps in body weight management.
  2. Pure cow ghee in the morning beverage turns the normal morning drink in a powerful energy drink, which supplies adequate energy for the users to start a vibrant day.The metamorphosis of a cup of coffee/tea in a sup of energy drink happens for the high calorie of ghee or butter. 
  3. Calories in a tablespoon of butter are not high that like ghee clarified butter and butter contains milk proteins which can create food allergy for lactose-intolerant people. 
  4. Since ghee contains sufficient omega-3 fats (DHA) and omega-6 (CLA), it works great for natural weight loss. Omega-6 fats are medically proven to improve the lean body frame while dropping the fat mass.
  5. Researchers have also found that ghee aids in utilizing fat cells to get burned for releasing energy, the high calories of ghee is one of the success reasons in this objective.
  6. Ghee is filled with essential amino acids that can aid in shrinking the size of fat cells in the body.
  7. Adding ghee in food can be helpful if your body has the general tendency to accumulate fat rapidly.
  8. Also, omega 3 fatty acid from pure ghee content can support you to lose inches and eventually help you to shed those extra pounds.

Why should you consume ghee daily and not worry about the higher clarified butter calories

  • Ghee is the best cooking oil for cooking or even for deep frying because of its higher smoking point.
  • Ghee stimulates body resistance and improves the natural immune system.
  • The milky fat can stimulate the human digestive system and stops the chronic bout of constipation.
  • It reduces bad cholesterol and improves blood circulation in the body.
  • Healthy saturated fats in clarified are identified as a booster to fertility.

Cow ghee calories are higher than butter and at the same time ghee offers longer shelf life. With all these health benefits, it is easier to store cow ghee in a kitchen without the support of refrigeration.

 Let’s wrap up: 

The high calorie of ghee is an advantage indeed.

  • One tablespoon ghee calorie is any time higher than calories in a tablespoon of butter but the use of ghee clarified butter is more advantageous than butter in many ways. Be it is high-temperature cooking or the mission to follow a slimming diet, ghee offers better benefits than butter and it is soothing for the digestive system too.  
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