What is butter ghee: let’s learn the dairy staple with a closer view

  • August 7, 2021
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What is butter ghee?

What is butter ghee? We often read the terms in different ghee reviews. Butter ghee is a common term people used to explain pure ghee. But why it is called butter ghee?

Usually, it is one of the common terms consumers use to explain ghee.

Clarified butter or ghee is prepared from milk butter. Most of the milk gets converted into butter first, and then by boiling the butter, ghee manufacturers prepare the clarified butter. How the dairy butter, by the method of boiling gets converted into ghee clarified butter is called the ghee making process which means dairy butter gets more clarified while getting converted into ghee, which is pure butterfat.

In the boiling process, the butter vaporizes its moisture content and the protein part of the milk gets gradually eliminated. The nature of the boiling butter gets more clarified, which means it gets more simplified. But ghee is cooked from butter and as it is an advanced form of butter, it is often called butter ghee. 

In this slow cooking and boiling process, mostly lactose and casein part of milk solids get separated, which turns butter into its elucidated version.

In comparison to dairy butter, ghee clarified butter contains more calories, different smells, different textures, and even it offers some changes in taste. But how much change it may have adopted, the clarified butter is a kind of butter only, and the term ghee butter confirms the link only.

Like butter, it is high in calories, contains loads of fats, and is a good taste enhancer. Its aroma is exactly not like buttery but consumers have described the aroma of ghee as a “better buttery.”

If we close view ghee, it is an advanced version of dairy butter. Both the dairy products are different in texture, smell, and product storage but as ghee is produced from milk butter, it is called what is butter ghee/ghee butter.

what is butter ghee
what is butter ghee

The butter here is the species of ghee and the brown butter ghee explains the introduction of its uniqueness in terms of clarification.

Ghee vs butter: the difference

Besides understanding what is ghee butter, need to understand that ghee and butter are not the same dairies. Although both are dairy and contain almost the same nutrients, there are differences like smoke point, physical properties, and uses.  Let’s take a look.

Smoke point

Butter ghee offers a higher smoke point than dairy butter. Although both butter ghee and butter are known cooking oils, ghee is a safer option. The higher smoking point of ghee keeps it stable against high temperature, and high-temperature cooking processes like baking, roasting, sautéing, deep-frying becomes safer with ghee than butter and other cooking oils like olive oil, coconut oil, etc.  

But butter as a cooking oil offers a lower smoke point and that is why does not act as stable as ghee.

dairy sensitivity

Ghee is a lactose-free and casein-free dairy. It is safer for the consumption of lactose intolerants. But regular butter is not free from these milk solids and that is why lactose intolerants should avoid it in their diet. 


Both butter ghee and butter are full of milk fats but ghee is much shelf-stable.  You can store ghee at normal room temperature but you cannot store butter in your kitchen without refrigeration support.  In terms of storage friendliness, ghee is a better cooking oil than butter. 

Ghee benefits

Although butter and butter ghee contains almost the same nutrients, in terms of health benefits ghee butter is more wholesome. The saturated fat content of pure cow ghee or sheep ghee contains some healthy friendly fatty acids like 

  • Conjugated linoleic acid (CLA)
  • Butyric acid
  • Omega-3, 6, 9 fatty acids, etc. 

All these three fatty acids are responsible for ghee’s weight loss support, heart care, colon care support, constipation cure, and skin and hair care benefits

Grass-fed cow ghee is digestion-supportive. If added to diet and coupled with an active lifestyle, the dairy staple can help in faster digestion, natural control of acidity, GERD, bloating, etc. 

Due to healthy fat content, ghee works as a reliable source of healthy fat and that makes butter-ghee a keto-friendly and Paleo-friendly superfood helpful for natural weight loss benefit of keto and Paleo diet followers. 

Ghee contains fat-soluble vitamins like Vitamin A, E, D, and K. Also ghee contains antioxidants, which offers wellness benefits like good strength for bones, nourishing support for the brain, anti-inflammatory support for the body, etc.  

Why Grass-fed ghee is a better option?

If what is butter ghee is a common question, then what is grass-fed ghee butter is another query by ghee enthusiasts. Grass-fed ghee is the pore grass-fed milk, where the sheep and cows are fed with green grass and grass-based fodders only. 

It has been researched that grass-fed cow milk is more nutritious than non-grass-fed ghee and offers more health benefits. If your concern is what is butter ghee and what better ghee is, a New Zealand-made grass-fed ghee will be the best answer for both questions.

Why New Zealand?

“New Zealand is favored by nature when making milk, with a climate, soils, and abundant water that create a perfect environment for growing grass. Our cows can access pasture year-round, meaning space to roam and follow their natural inclinations to be outdoors. Our geography means New Zealand is free from many pests and diseases, supporting healthy cows and allowing us to farm with a lighter hand.”

What is butter ghee

“The grass-fed diet of New Zealand cows means you can see the difference in the color of our butter, as our dairy products can contain higher levels of certain nutrients such as beta-carotene. Evidence suggests that the health effects of milk and dairy foods extend beyond the benefits of the individual nutrients they contain. It is the unique combination of nutrients and bioactive factors, known as the ‘dairy matrix’ that leads to the health benefits of milk and dairy products.”

If you are looking for the best quality grass-fed ghee to use, you can try Milkio organic grass-fed ghee. Milkio Foods of New Zealand is the manufacturer of Milkio grass-fed ghee, which is a 100% natural product and its purity is certified by the USDA. The good quality ghee does not contain artificial color, flavor, or chemical preservative. 


Milkio Grass-fed is a certified organic ghee and non-GMO product and the claims are approved by BioGro, New Zealand. Milkio grass-fed ghee is lactose, casein, gluten, and carb-free dairy, and due to its high smoke point, this dairy product is perfectly suitable for high-temperature cooking processes. 

If you want to know more about Milkio grass-fed organic ghee butter and more information avout what is butter ghee. The ghee is a ketogenic-diet-friendly product, and it offers a high aroma with a nutty aroma. Only grass-fed cow milk butter is used as raw material for this premium butter-ghee. 

Now Milkio ghee is available for online and offline purchases. To know more details on Milkio Grass-fed ghee online shopping counters, please check Milkio

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